People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture - Informative & researched article on People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture
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People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture
The people of Jaipur are simple and friendly, best known for their hospitality and cheerful nature.
 People of Jaipur, Jaipur CulturePeople of Jaipur have been greeting their guests with regal courtesy and genuine affection for decades. Even in the era of kings and dynasties, these common people have left behind legends of loyalty, affection and compassion. Despite being rugged in their appearance, the people of Jaipur are well built, cheerful and simple. These desert folk are hardly touched by the swiftness of modern times. The people of Jaipur prefer to wear bright colored clothes and probably compensate for the barren landscape. The women are often seen clad in dazzling colors like Red, yellow, green and orange attires with eye-catching embroidery of gold, silver zari or gota. The tribal ladies of Jaipur love to adorn themselves with loads of Silver jewelry and the men too are often seen wearing earrings. The men wear turbans or pagadis of bandhej that is made in the process of tie and dye in bright colors.

Jaipur is a land with vibrant culture and a thousand-year-old heritage. The people of Jaipur primarily speak Hindi in the Rajasthani accent. However, there are deviations according to various regions. The people of Jaipur are called as Jaipuris in the eastern part of Rajasthan and their culture epitomizes the very essence that the state of Rajasthan stands for royalty, chivalry, legacy, history, festivals and colors. The brown-skinnede desert people are quite affable and win the hearts of the tourists with their sweet smiles and warm and cordial hospitality during any hour of need.

People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture The Jaipuri men are seen all across the streets and market places of Jaipur, who are turbaned and moving around with their women, dressed in swirling skirts and flashing Meenakari (enamel) jewellery that is one of the notable art forms in the desert. They wear heavy lac bangles that reach above their elbows and often bear tattoos on their arms and even chin. The religion followed by the people of Jaipur varies. Each of the tribes of Jaipur has their own religion, costumes and profession. The religion followed by Jaipuris, in general, is the Hindu religion. Various other religions are also prevalent in the city such as the Jainism, who follows the teachings of Lord Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara. The Jain Jaipuris, practice of Non-violence. There has been a considerable increase in the number of followers of Sikhism in Jaipur. The Sikhs believe in formless God and worship their holy book 'Guru Granth Sahib'. Some other major religions of Jaipur are Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Parsi religion.

The people of Jaipur are very conscious about health and hygiene and thus have constructed several Health Clubs in every nook and corner of the city. The health clubs offers healthy diet charts and advises exercises, which helps the people to be healthy in body and mind. With the passage of time, the people of Jaipur have become conscious about employment and establishment. The Placement Consultants of Jaipur provide the young and talented people with loads of information related to jobs according to their aptitude and requirement.

People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture The occupation of medicine has become quite common among the people of Jaipur. The city can boast of many well-known doctors who provide first class treatment to the patients. The city also has many Diagnostic Centers that offers the people with all kinds of medical tests, offering reliable and authentic results.

The people of Jaipur are ardent lovers of music and dance. The most popular dances of these people include the Ghoomar dance. The Chari dance, where the jaipuris dance with a pot with a lighted diya, on their head is one of the most renowned folk dances of Jaipur. Jaipuri music is also famous. The people sing traditional songs with instruments like Sarangi, Jhalar, Ektara, Garasiays and others. The culture of the city is also reflected through its cuisine and local customs. Food is extremely delicious in Jaipur and is made with a variety of spices. Dishes like mangodi, sohan halwa, papad, buttermilk, khichdi are the most loved ones among the people of Jaipur.

(Last Updated on : 16/05/2014)
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People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture - Informative & researched article on People of Jaipur, Jaipur Culture
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