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National Crime Records Bureau
National Crime Records Bureau was created in 1986 to maintain a common format of Crime-Criminal records at all the Police Stations in India.
 National Crime Records Bureau National Crime Records Bureau, Indian Administration The requirement of National Crime Records Bureau was felt when the manual maintenance of records and manual allocation of information on the crime and criminal of Inter-District and Inter-State category were all haphazard and needed urgent documentation. The computerization and computer arrangement of crime criminal records and the police computer group was considered as the only practical alternative. The maintenance of Crime Records manually was not feasible thus the National Crime Records Bureau came up with all the solutions.

In 1979, the National Police Commission recommended creation of a Nodal Agency, which would suggest some common formats for maintenance of crime-criminal records at all the Police Stations across the country. The same common format given by National Crime Records Bureau should also be utilized to create associated databases at Police Stations located in Districts, States and National Level. On this recommendation National Crime Records Bureau was created in 1986 with merger of Central Finger Print Bureau, Directorate of Coordination Police Computers, Data Section of Coordination Division of Central Bureau of Investigation and Statistical Section of the Bureau of Police Research and Development.

National Crime Records Bureau is said to be a catalyst to bring about IT implementation in State Police and Central Police Organizations, called the CPOs through out the country. To achieve its mission, National Crime Records Bureau has implemented certain IT projects, such as the Crime Criminal Information System (CCIS), Portrait Building System at National Level and urbanized various police application software for office computerization in the police stations and relevant organizations. As the Chairman of the Core Group on IT implementation in CPOs, Director of National Crime Records Bureau plays a pivotal role in guiding and implementing various IT projects in these organizations.

The primary activities of National Crime Records Bureau include maintenance of major systems, maintenance of public services, Initiating publications training and executing the IT Resource Centre. The National Crime Records Bureau offers some useful and detailed publications that are not only widespread among the police departments but also among other government offices. Some of the major publications by National Crime Records Bureau are as follows -

Crime in India - It is an annual publication that has started since year 1953. Since then it has been broadly revised. The latest published issue of Crime in India by National Crime Records Bureau was its 55th edition in the series that was available during the year 2007. The report contains national and state-level statistics on major cognizable crimes and Local Acts and Special Laws pertinent in the country. Other than reporting of crimes, the publication includes details on elimination of cases by police and court, age-wise details of lawbreakers of crimes, crimes against children, crimes against women, Juvenile crimes, crimes against SCs and STs, financial crimes, violent crimes, and crimes in police custody, police strength, expenditure and infrastructure and so on.

Criminal, Indian Administration the National Crime Records Bureau report also contains district-wise statistics of the major IPC cognizable crimes for all the Police districts in the country. The details of victims of violent crimes such as rape, murder, kidnapping, abduction, and culpable homicide that are not reaching the point of murder are also included in the report.

Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India - This is the second annual publication by National Crime Records Bureau and the first issue of the report dates to the year 1967. The latest issue available is for 2007.The first section of this report incorporates national and state level statistics on various kinds of natural and un-natural accidents and deaths. All the details of road accidental deaths by type of vehicles and distribution of these accidents by time and cases executed over different months of the year are also included. The age group and gender details of victims of accidental deaths are also available. The next section includes statistics on suicidal deaths by various causes, age, social status, profession, and marital status of the victims.

Prison Statistics - This third annual publication by National Crime Records Bureau was started in the year 1995. The latest issue of Prison Statistics India is available for the year 2006. The report contains national level statistics of Indian Prison Institutions of the country. The types of prisons, statistics of different type of prisoners namely, convicts, under trials and detenus are the main contents of this publication. The report of prison statistics also contains the age group-wise distribution of offenders, foreign convicts and under trials, demographic details of the prisoners, crime head-wise distribution of offenders and under trials those are kept in prisons. This publication by National Crime Records Bureau also contains the various vocational trainings that are given to prisoners, the staff strength in prisons and the refresher and reorientation courses offered to staff of prisons and the budgetary details of all Indian prisons.

The formation of National Crime Records Bureau has made the job of controlling Indian prisons much easier and systematic. The prisoners are not only given better environment but also several courses of orientation thus giving them opportunity for a better and revised living after the years of prison.

(Last Updated on : 11/02/2015)
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National Crime Records Bureau - Informative & researched article on National Crime Records Bureau
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