Methods of Wearing Gemstones - Informative & researched article on Methods of Wearing Gemstones
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Methods of Wearing Gemstones
Methods of wearing gemstone are very important as gemstones are worn to solve some problems. Gems that are worn in proper method can give optimum result.
 Methods of Wearing GemstonesMethods of wearing gemstones are varied and are indeed important. To get the maximum benefit of gemstones it is indeed important to choose the right gemstone that would help an individual in almost all the affairs. There are a number of views and methods by which gemstones are advised to individuals.

What is Gemstone?
Gems stones have a mysterious remedial power in them. One is advised to wear gemstones in order to trounce hitches in life or to reduce the effects or influence of adversities. However, there are certain pooja's that must be performed before wearing a gemstone in order to increase its beneficial effects and reduce any kind of adverse effects. There are essential rituals that must be performed in order to awaken the power that is stored in the gem stones. A sacrament helps in releasing the vibrations from a gemstone in a faster manner. Each stone carries the traits and attributes of a particular planet. The rituals must be performed on a day that is closely associated to the gem stone so that its benefits can be attained at the maximum level.

Quite ideally therefore while some opines that some gemstones are advised for planets having a malevolent influence on the individual. Others hold just the opposite view; they say that gemstones can be prescribed for planets that are having a benefice influence on the individual. Whatever it may be, each of the gemstones represents a specific planet and also the wearing of the different types of gemstone differ from one another.

How to wear Gemstone?
To obtain the full beneficial effects of the stone, it should be worn when Moon is within a specific constellation on a specified day and time. Methods of Wearing GemstonesWearing it in the specified Nakshatra or star enhances the beneficent effects of the stone. One should know the good and bad effects of a gemstone prior to wear. The stone should be used in its specific ratti. It must be checked before wearing that there is no cut line on the stone. The stone should also be studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from the bottom. Before wearing it doing proper meditation is important. The ring should also be cleaned with fresh milk and then Ganga water. The gemstone should be dipped into Panch Amrit that includes milk, Ganga jal, ghee, curd and honey.

Importance of Pooja
Pooja should be performed and the specified Mantra should be recited 108 or 1008 times. Then the stone in the specified finger of the right hand should be worn. After wearing the ring, proper donation as specified for that stone should be given. If someone is already wearing a stone then it is advisable not to wear any contradictory stone. A proper judgment of all the planets at birth is crucial in deciding which gemstone can be worn favourably and which stones have to be avoided. A wrong judgment can play disaster and prove harmful.

Choosing Gemstones
Before choosing a specific gemstone and wearing, it is advised to look at the ascendant Lord. This planet is the most important planet and generally controls everything in an individual's life and most importantly health. So it is advisable to give proper priority to the ascendant Lord. The key planets for the ascendant should also be taken into consideration and is indeed an important method of wearing stones. It is therefore advisable to wear the gemstone that represents the key planets for the ascendant. Gemstones of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses should be avoided if they do not own a trine. Another important method of wearing gemstones is to avoid gemstones for planets that are in debilitation. Combination gemstones are a good option if of course the planets are friendly to each other. Lastly, the Lord of the ascendant, fifth house and ninth houses is good for the native. So their gemstones should be considered.

Types of Gemstones
Agate Chrysoprase Kunzite Pearl Tiger Eye
Alexandrite Citrine Lapis Lazuli Peridot Topaz
Amber Coral Malachite Quartz Tourmaline
Amethyst Diamond Moissanite Rose Quartz Turquoise
Aquamarine Emerald Moonstone Ruby Zircon
Aventurine Garnet Obsidian Sapphire
Bloodstone Jade Onyx Spinel
Carnelian Jasper Opal Tanzanite

Gemstones for Planets
Blue Sapphire, Gemstone for Saturn Emerald, the Gemstone for Mercury Pearl, the Gemstone for Moon
Cat's eye, Gemstone of Ketu Gomed, Gem stone of Rahu Yellow Sapphire, the Gemstone of Jupiter
Coral, the Gemstone for Mars Ruby, the Gemstone for Sun Diamond, Gem Stones for Venus

(Last Updated on : 13/05/2014)
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Methods of Wearing Gemstones - Informative & researched article on Methods of Wearing Gemstones
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