Types of Thumbs, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Types of Thumbs, Palmistry
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Types of Thumbs, Palmistry
Thumb is a significant part of palmistry in determining the future of an individual.
 Types of Thumbs, PalmistryThumb is a significant part of palmistry in determining the future of an individual. Thumb in a way, represents the whole hand. Thumb alone is more important than the other fingers, according to the palmists. Hence more importance is attached to the thumb, in the science of palmistry than it is given to the lines on the palm. Thumb represents the whole individuality of a person. Like face is the index of mind, thumb is considered as the manifestation of the real individual. The thumb is considered as the root of the whole hand. The importance of fingers without the thumb becomes negligible. If viewed scientifically, the thumb alone keeps the full power of the whole hand. At the same time it gives strength to do the work. At the times of birth, a baby's thumb appears almost covered with his four fingers, As such Palmistry has accepted the significance of the thumb as of paramount importance.

In the science of palmistry, the thumb is considered as the center of the will power. It is formed with 2 pieces of bones. Two bones projecting from the palm are clearly visible and the third forms the inner part of the palm, which is called the mount of Venus and this part is considered to be the center of passion and love. The first phalange of the thumb indicates logic and the phalange containing the nail, indicates will power. Both the natural science and the science of palmistry denote that the thumb has a direct connection with mind. Hence it is connected with the internal activity of the mind. Since there is a direct connection of the thumb and mind, an individual's nature, character and ideas can only be judged with the help of the shapes and size of the thumb. According to medical science, thumb is of significant importance, and the loss of thumb may cause the death of the person or lead the person to become insane.

The thumbs of different individuals are different. The palmists after a thorough and careful study has categorized thumbs into four categories, on the basis of shape and size. Several kinds of thumbs are: -1. Obtuse-Angled Thumb (Thumbs, which make an obtuse angle in conjunction with the index finger of the palm) 2. Right-Angled Thumb (Thumbs, which make a right angle in conjunction with the index finger) 3. Acute-Angled Thumb (Thumbs, which form an acute angle in conjunction with the index finger on the palm).

On the basis of shape and sizes of thumbs Obtuse-Angled Thumb, belongs to the first category. Such thumbs are well formed, long and thin. These are called gentle thumbs. The obtuse angled thumbs denote the temperance of the people. Persons having such thumbs on their palms are gentle and sweet-tempered. The persons with obtuse-angled thumbs generally make success in the field of art and become artists and musicians. They also have the inherent tendency to do practical and useful work in society. According to s the science of palmistry, the childhood of such persons with obtuse angled thumb has been full of struggles; still they succeed in making the homely environment favorable with their own efforts. They have a strong will power and whatever achievement comes in their way are the fruit of their own effort. They also rise high even though they have to face obstacles and struggles constantly but they succeed in their lives due to their strong will power.

But such long thumb with the shape of an obtuse angle has different effect when the thumb is found to be extraordinarily long. Extra-ordinarily long thumb, according to the science of palmistry is considered ill fated. If the length of the thumb exceeds the second phalange of the index finger, then such a person is a fool and cannot succeed in life. If the length of the thumb is ordinary and proportionate, then the person is wise, clever and lover of arts. The person with proportionate thumb is socially responsible. Hence collective interest matters more to them instead of the self-interests. They are far from the thought of appeasement of the narrow selfish needs. Though the number of friends in their lives is less, still irrespective of number, all friends help at the time of need. Since their mind is utterly instable and fickle, they cannot stick to one thing. Such persons go on changing their minds again and again. Though at the end, they achieve success, it is only after overcoming numerous obstacles coming in their way.

Types of Thumbs, Palmistry The Right-Angled Thumb belongs to the second category of thumb, according to the science of palmistry. The right-angled thumbs form a right angle with the index finger. These thumbs are elegant, strong and appear like pillars but such thumbs are not leaning towards the rear.

Such thumbs are of importance according to the palmists. This is so because, if a methodical study of these thumbs are made it will reveal that the person believes more in doing work and labor rather than in useless gossip. Though the persons with right-angled thumbs are of very short temperament yet it is seen that they cool down as quickly as they get angry. Moreover the science of palmistry also depicts that the individual with this type of thumb sit quietly when they are angry and do not harm anyone. They strictly stick to their words. They do nots move from their words if it is given to anyone. Often times they stick to wrong things, which create major problems. Apart from this, the people of right-angled thumb are very revengeful. The feeling of revenge is so strong in them that they do not forget the enmity for several generations. They never even hesitate to take crude revenge from the person or others related with that very individual with whom he (the person with right-angled thumb) had enmity. There is the tendency of extremity in these persons. Hence the persons with right-angled thumb can either be good friends or good enemies.

Such persons get broken in their lives but yielding is beyond them. If the right-angled thumb of such person is thoroughly judged it will reveal that they can be staunch patriots. They are also prepared to sacrifice their lives for the country or society and are strong-willed. Once they make up their mind to do certain things they surely do it. They don't like to play a second fiddle. They himself are independent and are guided by their ownselves.

On the basis of shape and size of thumb, the palmists have assigned the Acute-Angled Thumb to the final category. Thumbs, which make an acute angle at the joint with the index finger, come under this category. The length of such thumbs is comparatively less and they are clumsy in structure. The acute angled thumbs are the indicators of the evil quality in the individual and hence they are considered of worth importance in the science of palmistry.

The acute angled thumbs often indicate to frustration in an individual. Hence persons with this kind of thumb generally suffer from frustrating feelings in their lives. They are lazy and idle. They do not like traveling. Being thoroughly idle, they are from the idea of change of place.

Moreover they are not in the habit to complete a piece of work thoroughly. People with acute angled thumbs, according to the science of palmistry often belong to the middle and low-class. Such persons often indulge in bad habits and evil deeds. As a result of which they pass their life with extravagances comparing to their earning. Since they lead an extravagant life they waste money more than necessary. They spend most of their life in dreaming for unobtainable objects. They are less interested in religion or pious actions. They are basically interested in the phantasmagoric things. As a result they are somewhat inclined towards ghost, spirits, apparitions etc. Also they take pleasure in deeds of low standards.

Persons with acute angled thumbs are licentious and are always attracted towards other women. However their chief interest is to have illicit relationship with the women of low class. As a result they often earn defame for several times in their lives. They, according to the science of palmistry often called the slanderous people. Society does not get any benefit from such persons.

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(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Types of Thumbs, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Types of Thumbs, Palmistry
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