Mount of Mercury, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Mount of Mercury, Palmistry
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Mount of Mercury, Palmistry
The Mount of Mercury is considered of enough importance in the science of palmistry.
 Mount of Mercury, PalmistryThe prominent part on the base of the finger of Mercury is called the mount oil Mercury. The Mount of Mercury is considered of enough importance in the science of palmistry. The Mount of Mercury according to the science of palmistry is the indicator of materialistic prosperity and affluence. Therefore there is much importance attached to this mount these days.

However the study of the Mount of Mercury is not an easy process. Several things are to be kept in mind while the palmist makes a thorough study of the hand. According to the palmists persons under the influence of Mercury are able to successfully complete any work they take in hand. Hence the successful persons according to the science of palmistry should have a developed Mount of Mercury. These persons have sharp intelligence and are able to understand the situations very well. They are disciplined persons and hence any work they do in their life is done with careful planning. Moreover it is their fundamental nature that whenever they begin any work, they get it completed anyhow, in spite of the obstacles coming in their way.

The difference of the structure and inclination of the Mount of Mercury in the different individual are considered with enough importance. As the palmists have said, too much protrusion of the mount of Mercury cannot be termed beneficial. Persons with greatly developed mount of Mercury are clever and crafty and such persons are adept in cheating others. Sometimes the s Mount of Mercury is well developed and has a square mark on the Mount of Mercury. Persons with such feature on the Mount of Mercury will be found to be a criminal of a very high order. Moreover such persons are proved to be harmful for a society. They strongly believe in breaking the law and are fickle-minded and are experts in indulging in anti-social activities.

Again there are some persons, in whose hands the mount of Mercury is found to be very much prominent. They are generally found to be experts in psychology. They have an exceptional capability to understand that how to influence the person in their front. Such persons gain much success in business. Sometimes, the prominence of the Mercury is the determinant of opportunism in a person. Such person is always in search of right time and is considered clever in taking advantage of such an opportunity. Such persons are successful speakers and to mould other in their own favor.

Henceforth in one way such persons are fully materialistic. They do not think of fair or foul means of gathering wealth and take special interest in philosophy, science, mathematics etc. Wealth being their sole aim of in life they do not hesitate to take the opportunity from others. Such persons also become eminent pleaders, fine speakers and successful actors in their lives. Such persons gain fame in literary pursuits also. They are found of journeying and wandering is their hobby. Though materialistic fundamentally such persons gain full success in their lives

Some other facts should also be considered while a methodical study of the hand is made. If the mount of Mercury is very much protruded then such persons are found to be extremely materialistic. They are mad after money and the main aim of their life is to accumulate money by any means. The inclination of the mount of Mercury, also indicate some special facts about the concerned person. According to the palmists if the Mount of mercury is leaning towards the mount of Apollo, then such persons are able to get success in life easily and with least effort compared to the others. Such mounts are seen in the hands of literary men and scientists etc. If the palm of any person is supple and the mount of Mercury is fully prominent over it, then such a person amasses lakes of rupees by his own efforts. If this mount is absent on the palm, then the person passes his life in poverty. If the mount of Mercury is ordinarily prominent, then he is interested in inventions and scientific work. Sometimes the tip of the little finger is pointed and the mount of Mercury is prominent. In s such case such person are found to be very clever conversationalist. Again if the tip is squares then the person has much reasoning power. Moreover flat tip lends special efficiency in eloquence. If the little finger is small, the person has sharp intelligence. Sometimes mount of Mercury is found to have accompanied with long fingers. Then such a person appears to be a lover of woman. They enjoy the company of the women and are found to be accompanied by women most of the time.

The knots of the fingers to some extent influence the way of working of the Mount of Mercury. If the finger is knotty, then such a person is firm-minded, according to the s sciences of palmistry. If the fingers of the hand are long and leaning back, ward, then such a person succeeds very well in cheating. Such people are also become successful in the career of the cheaters. If the mount of Mercury is leaning out side the palm then he succeeds well in business. If it is prominent and complete in itself then such a person gains full success in life.

Thus the study of the mount of Mercury is an important thing. The palmists nowadays are giving enough importance to the study of this mount because the Mount of Mercury is the indicator of the wealth, prosperity and success off the individuals.

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(Last Updated on : 14/07/2012)
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Mount of Mercury, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Mount of Mercury, Palmistry
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