Folk Paintings in Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Folk Paintings in Rajasthan
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Folk Paintings in Rajasthan
Folk Paintings in Rajasthan bring to the forefront the numerous talented painters that Rajasthan has.
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 Folk Paintings in RajasthanThe folk paintings in Rajasthan are completely hand made. Once upon a time they were done on certain important events, such as, birth ceremony, marriage or death. One of the major contributors to this form of art has been the Bhill tribe of Rajasthan. Their traditional wall paintings are quite a common sight in the state. Such paintings are done either on the walls or on the floors. The popular themes in this kind of paintings include several pet animals and the image of their gotra, gotrej. Other popular images are bridal chambers, scenes of revelry and a ploughman with his son. Some of the scenes depicted in the folk paintings of Rajasthan are inspired from legends.

Other than this the Sanjhya Painting is also popular. These are wall paintings that are based on rituals. This form of painting, however, differs from place to place. Besides these the Phad paintings depict the life of the local heroes. Vibrant colours are used to paint them. On the other hand the Pichwai paintings were primarily used in the temples as a backdrop to the deities. Mewar too was famous for its painters. They decorated the walls, doors and windows with their paintings. Portraits and illustrations with manuscripts were also created by them. The connoisseurs of art can also check out the Miniature Paintings in Rajasthan.

(Last Updated on : 29/04/2013)
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Folk Paintings in Rajasthan - Informative & researched article on Folk Paintings in Rajasthan
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