Visiting Places In and Around Munnar - Informative & researched article on Visiting Places In and Around Munnar
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Visiting Places In and Around Munnar
Munnar is a hill Station in Kerala and there are several beautiful visiting places in and around it.
 Visiting Places In and Around MunnarMunnar is a hill Station in Kerala. It is situated 129 kms from Cochin, with an altitude ranging from 1600 to 1800 meters above sea level. There are several beautiful places in and around Munnar, which attract lots of tourists here. Some of these places are given here:

This place has enormous plantations of tea, coffee and the spice cardamom. It is encompassed by picturesque hills and green mountains. It is destination of most of the trekkers. The visitors can reach here from Munnar, which is just 6 km away.

It is situated about 7 km from Munnar. The 'Sita Devi Lake' here is a natural mineral water lake. This lake lends its name to the place Devikulam, which literally means 'the Pond of Goddess'. This cool hill station has the richness of a typical Ghat region.

It is situated 8 km from Munnar. It is the site of the first Hydro Electric Project of the State. The place is flourished with natural beauty.

This place situated only 9 km from Munnar is renowned for its waterfalls and serene hills. It is situated in between Munnar and Pallivasal.

It is situated about 10 km from Munnar, between Rajamala and Munnar. It is a naturally gifted place, which has all the beauties of awesome waterfalls. The waters roll down the hills from a height of 1600 m in a grand cascade gaining momentum with every inch of their long track.

Visiting Places In and Around Munnar This place is separated from Munnar by 10 km. It has beautiful little cottages, grand bungalows, old playgrounds and courts. Pallivasal Hydel Power Project is also situated here. Tea plantations can also be seen here.

This exquisite place has a lake and a dam. The sheets of water squired by mighty mountains make it a fine picnic spot. The boating facility is provided by the DTPC Idukki. Lots of tea plantations can also be seen here. This place is situated at about 1700 meter above sea level. A highly specialised dairy farm, the Indo-Swiss Livestock Project can be seen here. The visitors can enter to only 3 of the 11 cattle sheds here.

Echo Point
It is situated about 15 km from Munnar. The natural echo phenomenon takes place here as the name suggests. It lies on the way to the top station from Munnar.

Eravikulam National Park
This park is situated about 15 km from Munnar. It covers an area of 97 sq. km in the Devikulam Taluk. The flora and fauna of this park are found in large numbers and variety. The Nilgiri Tahr and a pedigree breed of cattle are among the exotic fauna of here. Here, the Anamudi Peak is situated at 2695m above the sea level.

Visiting Places In and Around Munnar The 'Nilgiri Tahr' is one of the original inhabitant varieties of animal species of this region. But, its population here is declining now. The tourists are allowed to enter here.

Power House Waterfalls
It is situated18 km from Munnar. It is on the way to the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The waterfall pours down from steep rocks at 2000 m above the sea level. This beautiful fall attracts the visitors who stand still to enjoy it.

This beautiful town is situated 20 km from Munnar. It is situated on the way to the top station. A vast Golf course of Tata Tea Ltd can be seen here. The Kundala dam here adds to the charm of the beauty. The magnificent waterfall of 'Aruvikkad' is also located near Kundala.

This is a wonderful place, situated about 22 km from Munnar. There is an enchanting dam and a beautiful reservoir here. Lots of aromatic tea plantations of the Tata Tea Ltd and the evergreen forests combine to make it a perfect picnic spot.

Top Station
It is the highest point in Munnar hence the name is 'Top Station'. It is situated about 1700 m above sea level, on the Munnar-Kodaikanal Road. It is about 32 km from Munnar. This region is said to be the origin of the exotic flower 'Neelakurinji'. It is brilliant blue I colour and blooms only once in 12 long years. But when they do, the entire region gets coated by the rare beauty. From here, the aerial view of parts of the adjoining State Tamil Nadu can be obtained.

Visiting Places In and Around Munnar It is 40 km from Munnar and is well known for the scent of sandal in its air. A natural growth of sandalwood trees takes place here and it is the only place in Kerala where it happens. Here, a sandalwood factory is run by the Forest Department. The walls of the wonderful caves here are carved with painting and sculptures relating to the 'New Stoneage Civilization'.

This place is famous for its marvellous waterfalls. Cheeyapara and Valara waterfalls are located between Neriamangalam and Adimali on the Kochi-Madurai highway. This is also a good place for trekking.

This place is famous for a massive rock of about 500 acres in area. Two lavish acres of beautiful evergreen forest is situated above this rock, which challenges mountaineers.

Malankara Reservoir
This wonderful artificial lake is situated 6 km from Thodapuzha. It is well known for the Boating and fishing done here.

This place is located about 28 km from Thodapuzha. One can see waterfalls here, which are like the 'Cheeyapara falls'. It flows down a flight of seven steps in a captivating cascade forming a pool beneath each step. Lots of adventurers are attracted to the place.

Visiting Places In and Around Munnar Kalvari Mount
This is a famous pilgrim centre on the way to Kattappana.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary
It is situated about 60 km from Munnar on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. This sanctuary covers an area over 90.44 sq. km. A large number of animals and bird species are found here. The visitors can enter here between 7:00 to 18:00 hrs.

The visitors need to take the permission of the Wildlife Warden, Idukki Wild Division, Painau Wildlife DFO, Munnar to go there.

(Last Updated on : 01/09/2014)
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Visiting Places In and Around Munnar - Informative & researched article on Visiting Places In and Around Munnar
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