Types of Indian Sweets - Informative & researched article on Types of Indian Sweets
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Types of Indian Sweets
Types of Indian sweets is prepared in the country varying in composition and procedure of making. They attract not only the people of the country but also the people from all over the world.
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 There is an endless list of types of Indian Sweets. Sweets form an integral part of Indian cuisine. Craving for sweets among the people of this country can be traced since ancient times. Apart from being a favourite confectionary, Indian sweets are also associated with culture and traditions of India. Many Indian sweets are considered auspicious and religious and cultural occasions remain incomplete without them.

Types of  Indian Sweets Indian Milk Based Sweets
Khoya or mawa is a common yet important dairy product which is used for making many luscious sweet delicacies. Khoya can also be made at home, though the method is a little tedious. It is prepared by boiling and reducing the milk to a semi-solid stage. Different Types of Indian Sweets can be prepared by khoya which vary in terms of ingredients and recipe. Sweets made of Khoya include kesar barfi, Kalakand, Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun and many more. Another delicious milk based sweet is kheer which is made with milk, sugar or jaggery and rice.

Types of  Indian Sweets Indian Flour Based Sweet
Many sweets in India are also prepared by flour. Flour based sweets enlist jalebi and Gujia with coconut fillings. Recipes of many sweets are a combination of flour and milk like Malapuas. Indian people, since ages have chalked out numerous recipes of delightful sweets. Some of the age old traditional sweets are still the most craved ones in the country.

Indian Dry Sweets
A variety of dry sweets are prepared in India which is relished throughout the country. Popular dry sweets of India are Sandesh, gujia, peda, laddu, petha, modak and many more. In India, popularity of another dry sweet known as halwa became the root of halvais, the confectioner's caste. Many Indian versions of halwa are made with semolina and ghee. Depending on the regions, different specialities of dry sweets are found in India. Factors like climate and availability of ingredients in different parts of the country dominate the type of sweets prevalent in that region. Unniappam, Kaju Katli, barfi, sweet boondi and pooran poli are some other common Indian dry sweets. They are also used as gift hampers in the festive seasons since they have a long shelf life and are not easily perishable. These sweets are made into various shapes and colours.

Types of  Indian Sweets Indian Fried Sweets
Another category of sweets in India are fried sweets. These are made by deep frying the ingredients in ghee or oil and are highly popular throughout the country. Some common fried sweets of India are Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Balushahi, Malapua, gulab jamun, shor bhaja, sita bhog etc. Many of these sweets are exclusively prepared during particular festivals.

Indian Dry Fruit Sweets
Dry fruit sweets are made from dry fruits like cashew nuts, almonds, pista, and dried coconut kernel. These sweets do not contain any added flavours and have a shelf life of about a month. Some famous dry fruit sweets include kaju katli, anjir rolls, kaju anjeer moon, kesari kaju katli, anarkali, apple butterscotch almond, chocolate almond, dryfruit flower, kaju bonbon, kaju kalinger, kaju pista roll, kalash etc.

Indian sweets are not only popular in India but in abroad as well. The non resident Indians settled abroad are the sure shot customers and many foreigners also have developed cravings for Indian sweets. All Indian festivals are celebrated with a lot of pomp and show and thus the demand of sweets is also very high during festive and wedding seasons. Popularity of Indian sweets abroad can be inferred by the fact that a number of branded sweet shops that have opened their branches across the globe.

(Last Updated on : 08/07/2013)
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Types of Indian Sweets - Informative & researched article on Types of Indian Sweets
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