The Foreigner, Arun Joshi - Informative & researched article on The Foreigner, Arun Joshi
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The Foreigner, Arun Joshi
`The Foreigner`, is published by Vision, the Foreigner is an illustrious creation by Arun Joshi.
 The Foreigner, Arun JoshiThe foreigner echoes the palpation of life. A gentle tale, centering round the various aspects of life brings out the verve of longing, the pain of detachment and above all the mystic realities of experiencing life.

The author Arun Joshi is an Indian born in 1939. He attended schools in India as well as in United States. He was the director of Shri Ram centre for industrial relations. Arun Joshi is a novelist of great merit and as an author of rare sensitivity. In every creation of the author his instinctive ability to articulate the feelings of the post-independence Indians trapped between the Indian ethos and western influences reveals in a great way. In many of his writings it reveals his psychological insight and understanding of the inner lives of the surrounded protagonists. The study has been made comprehensive enough to reveal the various perspectives of Joshi`s novels. Arun Joshi is a original writer whose writing always get praises from the world literature.

`The Foreigner` by Arun joshi is about the human relation and its various aspects. The central character of the story is Sindi Oberoi and the story revolves around his loneliness and feelings of anguish and anxiety born of his estrangement from his environment, tradition and his true self. In this story the young hero after experiencing life and love in America comes back in Delhi. And evantually persuaded by a humble office worker that sometimes detachment lies in actually getting involved. This Surinder Oberoi is detached, almost alienated man who sees himself as a stranger wherever he lives or goes. He feels the same in every place e.g. in Kenya where he is born, in England and USA where he is a student and in India where he finally settles. His detachment transcends barriers of geography, nationality and culture as well. It propels him from one crisis to another, sucking in the wake several other people, including June, an attractive American with whom he has a short lived but passionate affair. Babu is another character who forms the third vertex of their doomed love triangle.

The foreigner by Arun Joshi was published by Vision or Orient Paperbacks.

This creation of Arun Joshi is an analytical story. The author`s critical thinking was there while writing the book. He is a great writer with varied ides. This book deals with some intricacies of life like all of us are alone in this world. The people can be surrounded by thousands of men but as a whole they are alone. At the time of leaving the world all have to go alone. This universal truth has come up with this story by Arun Joshi.

(Last Updated on : 31/07/2014)
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The Foreigner, Arun Joshi - Informative & researched article on The Foreigner, Arun Joshi
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