My Days, R. K. Narayan - Informative & researched article on My Days, R. K. Narayan
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My Days, R. K. Narayan
The book `My Days` is an autobiography written by the famous writer R. K. Narayan.
 My Days, R. K. NarayanThe book, 'My Days' depicts all the happenings of author R.K.Narayan's life as well his ups and downs in his career. The name of the book 'My Days, truly draws the meaning as in this book Narayan's own life story is written in a lucid manner which is enjoyable by all.

The author is the creator of Malguri Village. He is the creator of outstanding and tremendous short stories, number of non-fiction, fiction, autobiography and lot more to name with. He has born in Chennai in 1906 with a name Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Naranayanaswami. Later he changed the name as R. K. Narayan at the suggestion of his first publisher, Hamish Hamilton, who felt his full name was simply too long. At his childhood he was sent to Chennai to live with his maternal grandmother. He only spent a few weeks each summer while visits his family and parents. Narayan grew up speaking the Tamil language and learned English at school. In his autobiography, My Days, Narayan writes of visiting his parents in Mysore and being unable to understand the shopkeepers, who spoke Kannada. But later he learnt Kannada and some other languages also. Narayan was a very hard working person. His success did not come in a single day. He struggled a lot for this. In his autobiography 'My Days' he penned down many of his arduous road that he experienced in life. He was an excellent writer that the nation will always miss.

R. K. Narayan writes my Days, which is actually an autobiography of the author. A memoir, 'My Days' is a beautifully compiled book that would otherwise seem like any other of Narayan's novels, until one realizes that it's an actual narration of his life and his childhood.

R. K. Narayan's autobiography or memoir gives us a glimpse into the uncomplicated life of a simple man. Who subsequently became one of the 20th century's literary giants. Narayan shared in his literature the world of Malgudi, a busy place peopled with hilarious characters and a clear reflection of the politics of a small Indian city. Narayan's India is real. In Malgudi everyone knows each other. And the circle of life revolves around a little village where everyone is helpful and very friendly. My Days is a fascinating look into Narayan's consciousness, though it does drag at times. Narayan clearly writes better make-believe than real life, but this book is still a treat. In this book his language is very lucid and transparent. It is sometimes funny also. There is a part written on his zoo that contains monkey, peacock, parrot, cat, puppy, etc. This part is very hilarious while events from his personal life are extremely touching. He was able to create the mixed feelings of happiness and sorrow at the same time among the readers. He wrote every aspects of his life at that book including his grandma bringing him up in madras - his getting acquainted with his parents - his falling in love and pursuing his love - their daughter's birth, and then death parting him from his beloved wife and he losing all interest in life - Narayan reviving himself from the trauma and getting back to his professional life - rejections from publishers - a new publisher for each novel - writing for living - magazines and newspapers, so and so forth.

Being published by Harper Collins Canada / Ecco press, South Asia Books, Chatto and Windus, Viking Adult, Picador, Ecco Press, Penguin Books Ltd., the book 'My Days' is a autobiography of Narayan that truly depicts the author's life story.

This 'My Days' of R. K. Narayan's creations is a well-written autobiography with breezy, uncomplicated style of narration. My Days will make everyone smile, shed a tear and feel sorry when it ends. This narration lights up in different phase of life and gives a clear impression of a successful life. This book describes his several failures and miserable situation on life but exhibited immense guts and determination in pursuing what his hearts desired. This book is really worthy of respect so does the author.

(Last Updated on : 09/10/2012)
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My Days, R. K. Narayan - Informative & researched article on My Days, R. K. Narayan
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