Katkar, Thane, Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Katkar, Thane, Maharashtra
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Katkar, Thane, Maharashtra
Situated in the Thane district of the Maharshtra state , Katkar is a census town with a population of 6108.
 Quite a handful of towns and cities have developed in each and every state of India and Maharashtra is not an exception. In the state of Maharshtra therefore, one finds no dearth of cities and towns. Amongst them, Katkar is quite significant. Katkar is a census town. It is located in the district of Thane of the same Indian state.

In order to identify the place or city it becomes imperative to have a thorough knowledge about the demography of the place. Thus several demographers have conducted research works and surveys and inferred demographical data about Katkar. The Census report that has been conducted in the year 2001 is quite significant in this regard. According to the report, the total population of Katkar has been enumerated to be 6108. Details like status of population, literacy rate etc can also be deciphered from this report.

Thus the population of males constitutes of 56 percent, while female populace comprises of 44 percent only. In Katkar town, 23 percent of the total population is below six years of age. Literacy rate too acts as an important yardstick to know about the actual societal scenario of the Katkar town. It is interesting to note that the average literacy rate of Katkar is higher than that of the whole nation. In other words the average literacy rate of Katkar and India are 70 percent and 59.5 percent respectively. To be specific, rate of male literacy constitutes of 78 percent. 60 percent is the rate of female literacy in Katkar.

Being an integral part of the Thane district it is quite evident that the people residing in Katkar town too are going to follow the same trend and tradition of the district as a whole. Instances can also be cited. In order to sustain their livelihood, the local people have undertaken the practice of agriculture.

Amongst several crops that are grown in the region are 'vari', rice, and 'nachani'. Ample fruits also are grown in the district. Fruits like Chikoo, guavas, mangoes, papayas, grapefruits and coconuts are significant. Over the years the growth of the industries like iron and steel , metal, 'textile industries', 'machinery for chemicals' and many more are evident in the district .

(Last Updated on : 02/02/2009)
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Katkar, Thane, Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Katkar, Thane, Maharashtra
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