Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh
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Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh
Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh take on a wide variety of colours, costumes, different settings and musical instruments.
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 Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh Folk dances of Andhra Pradesh are varieties in forms and styles. Andhra Pradesh is considered as rich in its folk culture. Its folk culture comprises of the various dances like the Gobbi Dance, Bathakamma dance, Dhamal Dance, Mathuri Dance, Dandaria Dance, Veeraanatyam, Butta Bommalu etc.

Some of the folk dances of Andhra Pradesh are as follows:

Gobbi Dance
This is one of the popular dance forms from coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh. Gobbi dance is the main attraction during the Samkranti festival and during this time, the courtyards of all houses are cleaned and decorated. The flowers are used with different kinds of rangavallis, for decoration purposes. Gobbillu i.e. balls of cow dung are placed in the middle of these rangavalli designs. In the evening, young girls gather around this gobbillu to dance and sing. One can say that this dance is a derived form of Garba dance performed in circular direction.

Dhamal Dance
Dhamal is one of the typical & ceremonial dance forms of Siddis of Hyderabad region, which is actually a mimetic martial dance performed by them. They use swords and shields held in their hands while performing various steps involved in the dance. This dance is ceremonial in nature performed especially on the occasion of marriage. Many musical instruments are used to accompany and make noises of `how wow`.

Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh Mathuri Dance
The Mathuri dances are special tribal dances by the Mathuri tribes, of the Adilabad district of the Andhra Pradesh, performed during the rainy month of Shravana. It is a dance in which men and women folk participate together, women participants forming the inner circle and men the outer semi-circle. The dancers sing themselves devotional and secular songs at the time of dance.

Dandaria Dance
The Gonds from the hilly region of northern Hyderabad district perform a stick dance, known as the Dandaria dance. In this dance, a group of male dancers, dressed in colourful special costumes, visit the nearby villages as a part of course of dance, where they are heartily welcomed by the host party. Then both these parties dance together in anti-clockwise direction, along with drums, trumpets and striking of sticks in their hands.

The Veeraamusti community which claims to be the follower of Veerabhadra performs this dance with the assistance of Tambura, Soolam, Dolu, Tasha & Veeranam usually at Draksharamam temple in East Godavari District.

Butta Bommalu
This is a popular dance form in Tanaku of west Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Each dancer used to wear different masks over the head and shoulders.

Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh Dhimsa
Dhimsa dance is performed by 15-20 women forming a chain in the Araku Valley of Vishakhapatanam district. The costumes of this dance are typical tribal cloths with proper ornamentation.

Bathakammas are mainly performed by female participants in a region, Telengana of Andhra Pradesh during the time of Bathakamma Festival.

This dance is performed by female folk balancing pots on their heads. This is performed in the Telengana region.

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Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh - Informative & researched article on Folk Dances of Andhra Pradesh
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