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Lesser Florican
Lesser Florican is an Indian bird and it is described as the only family member of Sypheotides genus.
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 Kadamba tree
The Kadamba Tree is a revered botanical presence in Indian culture. It served as the emblem of Athmallik State during the British Raj and symbolized the ruling Kadamba Dynasty in Karnataka. Linked to celestial realm, it embodies nakshatra Shatabhisha and also has mythological significance.
 Jamun Tree in India
The Jamun tree is a botanical gem within the Myrtaceae family. It offers a blend of nutritional and medicinal treasures. The bark, fruit, seeds, and leaves of the tree fruit are rich vitamins and antioxidants and find applications in traditional medicine and culinary practices.
 Indian Birds
Indian Birds are of various types and are found in different parts of the country.
 Birds in Indian subcontinent
Near about 1250 birds belonging to various species are found only in the Indian sub-continent.
 Peepul Tree
Peepul Tree is one of the most religiously significant trees of the country. Peepul tree also has few medicinal properties and this tree is worshipped universally.
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Lesser Florican
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