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Kallepalli is a village of Andhra Pradesh which hosts the wonderful confluence of River Nagavali and Bay of Bengal. There is a beach near the village which serves as a cherished tourist destination.
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Kalakkad is the name of a panchayat town, which is located in Tirunelveli district of the state of Tamil Nadu.
 Indian Village Art
Indian Village Art has been passed down from generation to generation, and is still practiced in different parts of the country.
 History of Indian Villages
India is a vast country with a majority of its total population living in the villages. It peeps into the History of Indian Villages that lead to a treasure house of ancient tradition and culture.
 Administration in Indian Villages
Administration in Indian Villages has seen significant changes from ancient period to contemporary period. The basic administration structure of Indian villages was quite common in the ancient, medieval and modern period.
 Art as Occupation in Indian Villages
Art as occupation in Indian villages involve various types of arts which have evolved into contemporary art products. It has existed since ancient ages and has been one of the major sources of livelihood.
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