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Nagas in Hindu Mythology
Nagas are a race of semi-divine serpent creatures in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. Nagas can also change shape to appear fully human or snake.
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 Kumbhakar Caste
Kumbhakar is the potter caste who manufactures all kinds of earthen vessels.
 Apsaras in Hindu Mythology
Apsaras are divine celestial maidens, who dance in Lord Indra’s court and sometimes seduced sages and human to distract.
 Padmavati City
Padmavati was an ancient city situated in the Vindhya Hills.
 Chura Caste
Chura caste is from Punjab who follows the religion of Sikhism and Hinduism. They were treated as untouchables.
 Mehtar Caste
Mehtar, is name of the sweeper or scavenger caste.
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Nagas in Hindu Mythology
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