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Mog Tribe in India
Mog Tribes residing in the western border of Aizawl district are followers of Buddhism but they also worship Hindu deities.
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 Miji Tribe
The Miji Tribe, also known as Sajolang or Damai, is an indigenous community inhabiting Arunachal Pradesh, India. They mainoy reside near the sub-Himalayan hills bordering Assam. Known for their weaving skills and rich cultural heritage, the Miji people have a deep connection with nature and maintain their distinct traditions and beliefs.
 Garasia Tribe
The Garasia tribal community holds a significant position within Indian culture, renowned for their distinctive way of life and rich cultural heritage. Concentrated across various regions of the state of Rajasthan, the Garasia tribal community proudly stands as the third largest tribal group in the region.
 Bhutia Tribe
The Bhutia tribe, one of the prominent tribes residing in West Bengal and Sikkim, has a rich cultural heritage deeply rooted in the Himalayan region. Bhutia tribes are reckoned for their exotic culinary dishes and drinks, festivals, and culture.
 Kolha Tribe
The Kolha tribes, primarily residing in the Keonjhar district of <a href="https:;//" class="clsCrossLink" title="Odisha">Odisha</a>, have a rich cultural heritage and a unique societal structure. Their vibrant lifestyle, traditional practices, and beliefs, serve as a reminder of the richness and diversity of India`s tribal communities.
 Dhangar Tribe
Dhangar is an Indian aboriginal tribe. They work as blanket weavers and shepherds. They make blankets from the wool of sheep and sell goats` milk for livelihood. Dhangars are principally located in the state of Maharashtra.
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Mog Tribe in India
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