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Glory Lily
The `Glory Lily` , a climbing plant and very popular in tropical climate , is called as `Gloriosa Superba` in science.
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 Licorice Plant
Licorice is a herbaceous plant which is known to possess pharmaceutical properties which cures several ailments including tuberculosis, diabetes, melasma and many others.
 Mango Fruit
Mango, the national fruit of India, is a fleshy drupe fruit and almost a third of world’s total mangoes are cultivated in India alone.
 Coleus Plant
Coleus Plant is a perennial member of the mint family originated in the lower elevations of India.
 Parsley Leaves
Parsley Leave is a green, bright biennial herb which is used as spice. Parsley grows well in moist conditions with well drained soil and proper sunlight.
 Kadamba tree
The Kadamba Tree is a revered botanical presence in Indian culture. It served as the emblem of Athmallik State during the British Raj and symbolized the ruling Kadamba Dynasty in Karnataka. Linked to celestial realm, it embodies nakshatra Shatabhisha and also has mythological significance.
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Glory Lily
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