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Hastabhinaya or gestures of the hands is an imperative part of the Natyashastra. The activity of the hands helps to enhance the performance of a play.
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 Kirtaniya - Maithili Theatre Form
Kirtaniya was form of Maithili Theatre that was prominent in Bihar during the fourteenth to the early twentieth century.
 Kirtaniya - Indian Theatre Form
Kirtaniya is a form of Maithili theatre that prevailed in Mithila and north Bihar.
 Bidesiya - Folk Theatre Dance
Bidesiya is one of the most popular folk theatre dance forms of Bihar which is said to have originated in the 20th century.
 Therukoothu Folk Theatre
Therukoothu is a traditional and vibrant street play of Tamil Nadu.
 Bhavai - Folk Theatre of Gujarat
Bhavai is a popular folk theatre form of Gujarat that belongs to the tradition of theatre of entertainment.
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