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Sarees of North East India
Sarees of North East India have derived the influence from the west and has developed an integrated style.
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 Batik Sarees
Batik Sarees are simple yet extraordinary sarees created using traditional crafts by local artisans.
 Traditional Dress of Gujarat
The traditional dresses of Gujarat showcase the unique tradition and culture of the region. Just like the food, architecture, and festivals of the region, the dressing sense of the people of Gujarat are very distinctive from the rest of India.
 Traditional Dresses of Assam
The traditional dress of Assam portrays the culture and essence of the state. People proudly follow the legacy left behind by their ancestors in the form of beautiful and exquisite pieces of traditional clothing worn during indigenous festivals and celebrations.
 Costumes of Sikkim
Costumes and dresses of Sikkim reflect the youth and the zest that is integral to the people of this state. There are differences in clothing among the three communities of this state namely Lepchas, Bhutias and Nepalis.
 Traditional Dress of Rajasthan
The traditional dress and costume of Rajasthan exhibits the rich vibrant culture of the state.
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Sarees of North East India
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