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Pink Cassias Plant
Also known as Java Cassia, Pink Shower, Apple Blossom tree and Rainbow Shower tree, the Pink Cassia is an ornamental garden and roadside tree, with its origin in the South East Asian countries.
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 Red Silk Cotton
The Red Silk Cotton is a reddish and silky tree which belonged to the family of Malvaceae.
 Babul Tree
Also known as gum Arabic tree, Babul is a small tree species native to Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent. Babul tree is useful as herb in India due to its immense medicinal benefits as well as other utilities.
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Root of Hatha Jodi, an Indian Plant, resembles a bizarre shape of a clenched fist.
Oak trees are large tree which is found in plenty in the Himalayan regions. The primary use of its timber is as fuel and the leaves of this tree is the best fodder.
 Wildlife Sanctuaries of Odisha
Wildlife sanctuaries of Odisha are designated areas dedicated to the protection of several species of animals, birds, reptiles, etc. Some of these wildlife sanctuaries are Ushakothi Wildlife Sanctuary, Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary and Karalpat Wildlife Sanctuary.
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Pink Cassias Plant
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