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Sanskrit Language
Sanskrit Language is equipped with rich traditional origination, wholly ornamented in hands of superb intellects.
Recently Updated Articles in Indian Languages
 Amara Kosha - Sanskrit Vocabulary
Amara Kosha is a renowned Sanskrit vocabulary which is available in more or less perfect state in all Indian languages.
 Maturaikkanci - Tamil Poetic Work
Maturaikkanci is a Tamil poetic work which is included in the Pathinenkilkanakku anthology of Sangam literature dating between 100 BCE – 100 CE. It has 782 lines of poetry in the Achiriyappa meter.
 Mahabhasya of Patanjali
Mahabhasya is a Sanskrit commentary by Patanjali on selected rules of Sanskrit Grammar from treatise of Panini, the Ashtadhyayi.
 Mahavanso - Poem in Pali Language
Mahavanso is the historical poem written in the Pali language.
 Khariboli Language
Khariboli or Khari is the vernacular dialect, usually spoken in the rural areas of Western Uttar Pradesh, southern Uttarakhand, Uttarakhand and parts of Delhi.
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Sanskrit Language
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