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The medicinal plant Hastyaluka is a biennial climber and is widely grown in peninsular India.
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 Animal Welfare Board of India
The Animal Welfare Board of India or AWBI is amongst the oldest Animal welfare organisation in the world, formed by the Government of India. Established in 1962 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, the organization promotes animal welfare nationwide. It advises the government on animal protection laws, ensures humane treatment, and supports animal shelters and rescue organizations.
 Asiatic Wild Ass
The Asiatic Wild Ass, or onager, inhabits arid regions of Asia and exhibits significant seasonal coat variations. Predominantly preyed upon by gray wolves, they demonstrate notable antipredator behavior. Threats include poaching, habitat fragmentation, and resource competition with livestock, which exacerbates their endangered status.
 Black Buck
The blackbuck, an antelope native to India, is culturally significant and historically revered. Once a common hunting target, it now thrives in protected areas due to conservation efforts.
 Swamp Deer
The Indian swamp deer, or barasingha, is a majestic deer species native to India. Known for its impressive antlers with up to twelve points, it inhabits marshes and grasslands. Once endangered, conservation efforts have helped stabilize its population in India.
 Black Bear
The Indian black bear, a medium-sized arboreal species native to Asia, inhabits the Northern part of the country, especially the Himalayan region. Noted for its black fur and distinct chest patch, it faces significant threats from deforestation and poaching, despite protective measures.
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