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Indian Wild Boar
The Indian Wild Boar is the ancestor of the domestic pig in the Indian subcontinent. This animal is vital for ecosystem balance in India, serving as an effective seed disperser and crucial prey species.
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Gorals are small, agile ungulates, similar to goats in physical appearance. Known for their distinctive woolly coats and curved horns, these animals are found in the Himalayan regions in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Sikkim, Assam, etc.
Indian pangolin is a nocturnal mammal native to the Indian subcontinent, distinguished by its protective keratin scales. This solitary insectivore, adapted to various habitats including forests and grasslands, faces severe threats from poaching and habitat loss.
The Indian mongoose, known for its agility and boldness, inhabits open forests, scrublands, and cultivated fields near human settlements. It preys on rodents, snakes, bird eggs, and invertebrates. Renowned for its ability to combat venomous snakes, it employs evasive tactics and possesses natural resistance to snake venom.
Marten is similar to otters, pole-cats and weasels. In India, it is found mainly in the Himalayan regions and also in the mountainous regions of south India. Martens are small, agile mammals found primarily in the Himalayan region of India. Notable species include the Yellow-throated Marten, Nilgiri Marten and the Beech Marten.
Markhor is a wild goat which normally lives in high altitudes. Considered an endangered species, Markhor mainly dominates southwestern Jammu and Kashmir`s Pir Panjal range.
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Indian Wild Boar
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