Tangkhul Tribe , Manipur - Informative & researched article on Tangkhul Tribe , Manipur
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Tangkhul Tribe , Manipur
Tangkhul tribes are scatterd in Manipur and are of Mongolian origination.
 Tangkhul tribes are the inhabitants of Ukhrul district in Manipur. The name of this tribe is derived from the Meities who are said to be their neighbours. The people of this tribal communities residing in the northern part are called Luhupas. It has been said about their origination that they are originated from Mongolian race.

Tangkhul Tribe The early history of the Tangkhul tribes traces that between c, 10,000 B.C. to 8000 B.C., their abode was near the Yangtze and Huang heo Rivers but with the time they scattered to different directions.

Tangkhul tribes are reckoned as cultural people. There is a practice among the people of this community that most of the people of this community pierce their earlobes. The Tangkhul tribal community people converse with each other in beautiful Meiteilon language. Moreover, these Tangkhul tribes have developed the habit of writing in the famous Roman script.

Tangkhul Tribe The Tangkhul tribes can again be subdivided into several sub tribal groups, each having distinctive languages and variants. Following the tradition of almost all the tribal communities of the north-eastern hilly states of India, these Tangkhul too the agricultural practices which naturally made their economy an agrarian one. They produce in ample quantities products like rice, cotton, millet, maize, arum, chilli, sesame, ginger, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber and beans.

Another remarkable feature of this Tangkhul tribal society is that they are revered by all the anthropologists for being the most erudite tribes in the whole of Manipur region. Tangkhul tribe is the most educated tribe in the state. Quite a handful of these tribal people represented eminent posts of ministers and even chief ministers even in the legislative assembly. What is even more interesting is that these Tangkhul tribal people occupy the dignified offices of that of Indian Administrative Service (IAS), doctors, engineers and professors etc. If one makes a demographic count one will find that Tangkhul tribes have the maximum number of professionals in Manipur.

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(Last Updated on : 14/11/2009)
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Tangkhul Tribe , Manipur - Informative & researched article on Tangkhul Tribe , Manipur
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