Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India - Informative & researched article on Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India
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Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India
Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India are one of the most prominent arts of India. A vast range of beautiful artefacts are made with this craftwork.
 Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central IndiaBamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India form an important part of the Indian art industry. Bamboo thickets are prevalent in central India and a number of craftsmen are involved in making a variety of beautiful artefacts from them. This craft is enlisted among the traditional crafts of the country and are widely practiced by the tribal folks since time immemorial. Bamboo and Cane Crafts form the backbone of the rural economy of central India.

Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Madhya Pradesh
The state of Madhya Pradesh is extensively covered with Bamboo canopies. Bamboo and cane are widely used by the tribal people of the state to manufacture various artefacts. Folks of Korku, Gond, Basod, Basor and Baiga tribal community are mainly involved in making Bamboo and Cane Crafts. The artisans of this craft are deft in blending their traditional knowledge and craftsmanship to prepare a number of articles. These crafts exhibit a variety of designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Artefacts produced by this craftwork include bamboo doors, lampshades, agricultural implements, hunting tools, fishing traps, baskets etc. One of the renowned articles of this state is Gwalior's Batto Bai doll, which is made of bamboo. These dolls exhibit tribal designs and patterns. The main centres of Bamboo and Cane Crafts in the state are Shahdol, Mandla, Seoni and Balaghat.

Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh also forms as an important centre of Bamboo and Cane Crafts and a variety of products are crafted in the state utilizing bamboo and cane. Basketry is prevalently practiced in the state with beautiful designs and numerous patterns. They serve the purposes of storage of grains, carrying forest products and many more. Different tribes of the state are deft in making different types of artefacts. 50 different types of baskets are prepared by the Baigas of Mandla which also includes a special kind of marriage basket. Bansod tribe make more than 200 artefacts that also include a vast variety of baskets. Other tribes skilled in basketry are Dandami Marias, Dhurwas, Murias and Bhaturas. In Raipur, Kamar tribe have dexterity in preparing baskets as well as other items like mats, fish traps, bird traps, mouse traps etc, from bamboo. Dooty are a special kind of fish baskets made in Bastar. Other basket makers of the state are the Bansors who are also engaged in slicing the bamboos into fine splits which find their utility in the worship of the deity Dasha. The popularity of bamboo baskets owes to their light weight, cheapness and durability. Baskets are further adorned with exquisite designs and tribal paintings which make them alluring articles to buy.

Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India provide livelihood to a number of people of this region, especially those belonging to tribal communities. The patterns and designs of the articles are hugely influenced by the culture and traditions of the region. Several articles also exhibit contemporary styles whereas many are an amalgamation of traditional and modern styles of art. Bamboo and Cane Crafts have also found a distinct position in the international market. Apart from the country folks, a number of tourists from different parts of the world also admire these magnificent crafts.

(Last Updated on : 16/08/2013)
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Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India - Informative & researched article on Bamboo and Cane Crafts of Central India
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