Villages of Kharia Tribe - Informative & researched article on Villages of Kharia Tribe
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Villages of Kharia Tribe
Villages of Kharia Tribe consists of Umra, Jhikirma, Jamadohar, Katukona, Palkot, Gumla, Sisai, Simdega Basia and others, located in the state of Jharkhand.
 The Kharia Tribe, occupying a large part of Ranchi, Lohardaga, East Singhbhum and Hazaribagh of the Jharkhand, comprise three tribes, the Dudh Kharia, Dhelki Kharia, and Hill Kharia. The largest concentration of the Kharia is found in Jharkhand but they can also be found in Orissa and West Bengal. In Jharkhand, these tribal groups concentrate in some of the villages such as Umra, Jhikirma, Jamadohar and Katukona and others.

Umra, a village in Palkot Tehsil in Gumla District in Jharkhand, is located at a distance of almost 16 kms from Gumla town on Gumla -Simdega road. The village has been divided into seven hamlets and has a total number of almost 121 Saonsar Kharia families. Umra proper is not resided by any Kharia population. It is inhabited by the Oraon (1 family), Suri (5 families), Binjhia (4 families), Bhokta (6 families), Ahir (28 families), Brahmin (1 family), Gossain (2 families) and Nai Thakur (1 family). The second hamlet known as Tilaidih encompasses 36 families of Kharia, while the other ethnic groups consists of Lohra (6 families), Gor (6 families), Bania (2 families) and Ghanshi (1 family). The third hamlet Thekra toli encompasses 25 families of the Kharias and the other ethnic group consists of only Bania (3 families). The fourth hamlet is Nacti toli resided by Telis (35 families). Beritoli is the fifth hamlet having only 40 families of the Kharia Tribe. The sixth hamlet, known as Madho toil, is resided by 20 families of the Kharia and 2 families of Bhoktas. The seventh hamlet known as Nava toli, has only the Lohra (4 families) and Ahir (1 family). These hamlets are located within a distance of one furlong to one and a half kilometers from Umra proper.

Jhikirma, a village located in Palkot Tehsil in Gumla District in Jharkhand, is located at a distance of only 22 kilometers from Gumla town on Gumla-Simdega road. The village spread over a huge area consists of 12 hamlets viz. the Jhikirma proper, Porha toli, Doma toli, Manjha toli, Chatakpur, Dipa toli, Kabra toli, Jitiya toli, Das toli, Hazari toli, Dongrapahar and Dahu toli. Of these hamlets, Kharia families were found to reside in seven hamlets. Jhikirma proper has 13 Kharia families, while the Oraon (2 families), the Kumhar (2 families) and the Chick-Baraik (1 family) are the other ethnic groups inhabiting this hamlet. Porha toli comprises of 5 families of the Kharia. The distance between the two hamlets is more than one kilometer.

Jamadohar, located in the district of Gumla in Jharkhand, is under Simdega Block and is at a distance of 13 kilometers from Simdega town on Simdega-Rengari Road. The village is primarily inhabited by the Lutheran Christian Kharias. It comprises of a total number of 7 Catholic Kharia families, 54 Lutheran Kharia and consists of 5 hamlets; Jamadohar proper or Girja toli, Naru toli, Tangar toli, Bhandar toli and Sorai toil. Jamadohar proper encompasses only fourteen families of the Lutheran Kharia while Tangar toli and Naru toli consists of 20 families and 3 families of the Lutheran Kharias respectively. 7 families of the Roman Catholic Christian Kharia reside in Sorai toli while Bhandar toli is inhabited by 17 families of the Lutheran Kharias. Besides, Munda (4 families), the Raotia (3 families), the Gond (3 families), the Mohemdan (1 family) and the Panjabi (1 family), are the other ethnic groups inhabiting the hamlet. The distance between the main village and the other varies from one to two furlongs.

Katukona is a small village in Simdega Tehsil in Simdega District in Jharkhand, located at a distance of 14 kilometres from Simdega town on Simdega-Rengari Road. The village is primarily a Catholic Kharia Village having a total number of 38 Catholic Kharia tribes, 3 Lutheran Kharias families. The village consists of eight hamlets namely, Katukona proper or Girja toli, Naru toli, Kamal toli, Mawa toli Barka toli Tangtang toli, Dogaith toli and Lalka toli. Girja toli has 11 families of the Catholic Kharias. Besides, 4 families of the Oraon also reside here. Narutoli encompasses 2 families of the Catholic Kharias and 1 family of the Lutheran Kharias. Kamal toli consists of 7 families of the Kharia of which 5 families are Catholics while 2 families are Lutherans. 4 families of the Catholic Kharia reside in Nawa toil while 13 families of Catholic Kharias and6 families of the Rantia inhabit in Barka toil. Tangar toli consists of 3 families of the Catholic Kharia, 2 families of the Catholic Oraon and one family of the Lohra. Dongaith toli encompasses two families of the Catholic Oraon and 5 families of Dongait, also named as 'Jhora'. Lalika toli incorporates 1 family each of the Chik Braik and the Dongait.

Besides, the above mentioned four villages of Jharkhand, the Kharia tribes are also found to reside in a number of other villages of the Palkot, Gumla, Sisai, Simdega Basia, Kolebira and other areas of Ranchi district viz. Simdega itself, Ramrekha (Simdega Block), Biru (Simdega Block), Longa (Basia Block), Karanj (Bharno Block), Tarri (Gumla Block), Dhedhauli (Gumla Block), Sogra (Sisai Block), Rerwa (Sisai Block), Kusum toli (Sisai Block) and Bano (Kolebira Block).

(Last Updated on : 05/02/2013)
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Villages of Kharia Tribe - Informative & researched article on Villages of Kharia Tribe
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