Equipments in Gymnastic - Informative & researched article on Equipments in Gymnastic
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Equipments in Gymnastic
Equipments in gymnastics is essential in order to successfully participate in the game of gymnastics.
 Equipments in GymnasticEquipments in gymnastics are used in order to participate in the game of gymnastics. There is a lot of history associated with the game of gymnastic. It is very often said that the game originated in Greece. The techniques and movements were used for many types of skills like dismounting and mounting horses or manoeuvring through circus-like performances. These movements have actually evolved through thousands of years and became the sport known as Gymnastic in India. Mostly the skills are the same, but circus equipments and horses are now gone. In its place we now have modern equipments in various gymnastics events and disciplines.

Gymnastic events in the current situation include floor, pommel horse, vault, rings, parallel bars and also high bars. Each of these events actually makes use of the special equipments in gymnastics. For a game of gymnastic, the equipments include the trampoline, uneven bars, balance beams, rings, and maximizers. For events related to vault event, the vaulting board, vault runway, and vault horses are indispensable. Foam table trainer and pommel horses are also well-known gymnastic equipments. Horizontal rings and bar frame can also be found in any complete gymnastic school or training centre.

There are various types of gymnastic accessories that are used for training and competition. Most important among these accessories in gymnastic are the mats and floors used. These accessories are particularly essential since most technique and movements in the sport of gymnastic are done on the floor. The exercise mat and training mat are also indispensable for gymnast. The throw mats and landing mats are also essential not only for the perfect execution of some routines but also for the safety of the gymnast.

These gymnastic equipments are used readily from the many gymnastic stores. There are specialty sports shops that also offer good quality equipments for gymnastics that are essential and indispensable for the training gymnast. Today, there are also some gymnastic equipment suppliers who have established their online presence, allowing you to buy gymnastic equipment easily and conveniently.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics Equipment
The artistic events in gymnastics include parallel bars, high bar, still rings, floor exercise, vault and pommel horse.

The parallel bar actually consists of two parallel wooden bars that are supported by wooden frame. The parallel bar apparatus also consists of two parallel wooden bars supported by a metal frame. The gymnast utilizes the bars to perform many swinging and balancing skills. Equipments in Gymnastic

High bar is a single bar standing 2.75 m above the ground on a solid metal structure.

Gymnast swings on the bars, performing numerous grip releases and re-grips.

The still ring hang from flexible straps 50 cm apart and 2.75 m above the mat.

The gymnast clutches the unsteady rings to perform the skill that require body stillness and strength.

The apparatus used for men floor exercise and vault are identical to women equipments. The pommel horse is parallel to the vault apparatus but has two handles called pommels attached to the top of the platform. Gymnasts demonstrate strength and agility through coordinated hand placements and body movements over top of the apparatus.

Women's Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment
The equipments for women gymnastic events consist of ball, hoop, rope, club and ribbon.

The gymnast actually incorporates equipments into creative movements as she tumbles and dances. The gymnast competes in each event on 13 sq m carpeted mat.

The ball made of plastic or rubber, is 18 or 20 cm in diameter and weighs at least 400 grams. The hoop, made of plastic or wood, must have an inner diameter of 80 to 90 cm and a minimum weight of 300 grams.

The rope, which is made of hemp, is knotted at each end. The length of the rope is determined with the length of the rope.

For this event, the gymnast uses two clubs. The clubs that is made of plastic or wood resembles blowing pins. The minimum weight per club is 150 g.

The ribbon is actually 7 m strip of satin ribbon attached to a wooden stick. Holding the stick, the gymnast must keep the ribbon in constant motion throughout her routine.

Women's and Men's Trampoline Equipment
Trampoline apparatus has of a nylon spring bed carried by a metal frame. The dimensions, in most cases, of a competition trampoline are 5.05 m long, 2.91 m wide and 1.155 m high. By bouncing on the trampoline, skilled gymnasts can reach 30 feet as they perform difficult flips and twists.

Dress Used in Gymnastics
Men: Men must wear a jersey (shirt) in all events. They must wear white pants in the events performed on rings, parallel bars, pommel horse and horizontal bars. They should wear gymnasium shoes and socks. For vault and floor exercise short-pants may be worn.

Women: Women wear leotards. As long as the general appearance remains the same, precise tailoring to suit an individual is permitted.

(Last Updated on : 29/01/2014)
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Equipments in Gymnastic - Informative & researched article on Equipments in Gymnastic
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