Benefits Yellow Sapphire - Informative & researched article on Benefits Yellow Sapphire
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Benefits Yellow Sapphire
Benefits of Yellow Sapphire goes back a long way and enhances the opportunity of prosperity and also smoothens the way towards money.
 Benefits of Yellow Sapphire are immense and are known as gem of gems as people were so entranced by the beauty. People say that yellow sapphires enhance the opportunity of prosperity and also guides the way towards making money. It also helps in many healing processes. It is the birthstone for the September month, and it used as a gift or may be an alternative stone for people born in the month of November. Some of the benefits of yellow sapphire can be listed as follows;

1. Yellow Sapphire provides will power and also helps to fulfill the dreams. Just like Jupiter is considered as the teacher of God, so yellow sapphire represent religion, wisdom in human life. Person wearing yellow sapphire gets enlightened in the field of wit, law, ethics, pleasure of getting issues, happiness, physical bliss, long life, cleverness, active health, food grains, love, glory and mental satisfaction and peace. It is very useful for barristers, traders and writers, and also for businessmen.

2. Yellow sapphire is also useful for spinsters or girls approaching marriage age. Wearing this gemstone can actually help to remove the delay in the way of marriage. It also helps to improve conjugal life for a married couple as well. This gemstone helps to control anger by proving the much needed sharp sightedness. Yellow sapphire also helps to strengthen the bondage of friendship. And also helps to eradicate the risk of accidental death.

3. Yellow sapphire also helps to concentrate in life and assists in focusing on what one wants to achieve in life. It provides energy to the mind and provides warmth in relationship. It is also used to heal diseases like arthritis, impotency and heart attack.

4. Yellow sapphire is very useful in Vastu Shastra as it is used to attune positive energy, enhances peace of mind, wealth and harmony.

(Last Updated on : 20/07/2011)
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Benefits Yellow Sapphire - Informative & researched article on Benefits Yellow Sapphire
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