Maha Bandha - Informative & researched article on Maha Bandha
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Maha Bandha
Maha Bandha is considered as one of the greatest Bandha postures. Practicing Maha Bandha proves beneficial for a weak bladder, constipation, descended organs, weak digestion and neck tension.
 Maha BandhaMaha Bandha is performed in the following manner:

* The left heel is pressed to the perineum. Then the right foot is place on the left thigh.
* The chin needs to be kept firm against the chest, fill in the air and having pressed the air the mind should be fixed on the middle of the eyebrows or in the spine.
* After keeping the air confined for so long then it should be forced out slowly. Now it should be done on the right side.
* According to some Yoga experts the closing of throat is not necessary as keeping the tongue pressed against the roots of the upper teeth makes a good Bandha.
* Doing it in this manner the upward motion of all nadis stopped. Maha Bandha is the giver of great Siddhis.
* Maha Bandha brings about the union of the Triveni and carries the mind to Kedar.

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(Last Updated on : 07/05/2011)
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Maha Bandha - Informative & researched article on Maha Bandha
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