Koli Dance, Folk Dance of Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Koli Dance, Folk Dance of Maharashtra
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Koli Dance, Folk Dance of Maharashtra
Koli dance of Maharashtra is performed by both men and women where the Koli fisher folk imitate their fishing work.
 Koli Dance, Folk Dance of MaharashtraKoli dance is a folk dance performed in the Maharashtra state of India. Koli dance is practiced by the Koli community of Maharashtra which is known for its ethnicity and tradition. This colourful dance has several variations in its dance patterns which are performed in different parts of the land. These dances are either performed by men only or by both the men and women folk together.

Kolis of Maharashtra
The Kolis are the fishing folks residing in the coastal areas of Maharashtra. The Koli community is recognised for its distinct identity which also reflects in their dance. The dance focuses on their lifestyle and occupation which is fishing. Through the performance of this lively dance, the Kolis forget the many hardships that their occupation brings to them on a daily basis.

Performance of Koli Dance
The fishermen while performing the dance stand in two rows holding small oars (important fishing equipment) in their hands. They move these oars in moving in harmony imitating the movement of rowing a boat. The Kolis also sway the oars forwards and backwards creating an illusion of rowing a boat which is tossing on the waves of the sea. The fisherwomen standing in the rows advance towards the men dancing with them. Some of the famous songs that accompany this dance are Me Dolker, Aga Pori Sambhaal, Dol Doltai, Paru Go Paru and Valav Re Nakva.

Costumes of Koli Dance
The female dancers of this dance are generally dressed in traditional green-coloured saris that are draped up to their knee. They also adorn themselves with ornaments like necklace, ear ring and bangles. On the other hand, the male performers wear lungis around their waists that form a triangular shape.

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(Last Updated on : 18/10/2014)
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Koli Dance, Folk Dance of Maharashtra - Informative & researched article on Koli Dance, Folk Dance of Maharashtra
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