Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk Music - Informative & researched article on Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk Music
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Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk Music
Jikir Songs are religious folk songs from the state of Assam, steeped in spiritual devotion and fervour. They are quite similar to Sufist ideals.
 Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk MusicJikir Songs are certain religion-based folk songs popular in the state of Assam. The Jikir songs are in a sense an Islamic counterpart of Dehbicarar Geets. These songs were composed during the reign of Gadadhar Singha (1681-96) by a Muslim divine, Ajan Pir by name. The term Jikir literally means "spiritual chants". The central idea of the futility of life and man-made institutions is forms the content of all the Jikir compositions. Except a few words of Arabic and Persian origin interspersed in the texture of the songs, their diction, syntax and language are almost of a similar nature. Even the Vaishnava concept of Nama appears to be the spiritual inspiration of these Jikir songs to a certain extent;

`nama is the charioteer that goes with life.
I have read Him and Kalma too,
Everything slips, and slips by;
What is written in one`s destiny, There is no escape from it.`

Through most of these Jikirs, the idea of illusion, resignation to Allah and an overpowering desire to lose one`s identity with Him runs in the way of the doctrines of Sufism. It must be noted here that Sufism and Vaishnavism have many common features. Thus the Jikirs reflect the idea of Sufism.

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(Last Updated on : 01/04/2011)
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Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk Music - Informative & researched article on Jikir Songs, Assamese Folk Music
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