Sripati, Indian Astronomer - Informative & researched article on Sripati, Indian Astronomer
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Sripati, Indian Astronomer
Sripati who existed in AD 999 was mainly responsible for assessing moon’s second inequality. Son of Nagadeva was a follower of Brahmagupta School.
 Sripati who existed in AD999 was another Astronomer as well as Mathematician who followed the school of Brahmagupta in evaluating and calculating the movement of Earth as well as Sun and Moon with the orthodox method of astronomical calculation. Among his major contribution in the field of Astronomy he composed a book of twenty chapters which is named as Siddhantasekhara in which he introduces many new concepts including the second inequality of moon.

Sripati was the first astronomer who tried to locate the cause which affects the motion of the moon while completing its regular revolution round the earth. In the Ancient Indian Astronomy this deviation was associated with the obstruction created by the sun or the rays of the Sun which destabilized the usual movement of the moon which has been scientifically termed as second inequality of moon. There have been a number of innovations on this in the modern day astronomy which was pioneered by Sripati in AD 999. Though not very certain and mathematically sound his innovation come true with followed on astronomical inventions. This has been largely discussed in the lunar theories of the world which assess the impact of moon and its movement on the Earth.

Thus Sripati remains one of the important astronomers of ancient Indian astronomy who had been able to contribute his assessment regarding the movement of the Moon and its effect on Earth.

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Sripati, Indian Astronomer - Informative & researched article on Sripati, Indian Astronomer
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