Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East India - Informative & researched article on Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East India
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Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East India
Muga silk sarees are the distinct style of east India and are praised for the natural sheen.
 Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East IndiaMuga silk sarees are the exclusive creations of the artisans of east India. These sarees are admired for the natural sheen and gorgeousness they possess.

Virtually all the world`s maximum Muga silk, almost 93 per cent of the total creations is produced in Assam. The town of Sibsagar (Sibsagar district) is the centre of its muga sericulture industry. Muga silk naturally has a rich golden colour with a more lustrous sheen than the other wild silks though the fabric of Muga silk is not as shiny as mulberry silk.

In recent times, the artisans of eastern region create Muga saree with traditional designs woven in coloured cotton. Muga silk saree is the rarest and most luxurious of all India`s wild silks sarees, being a natural deep gold colour. These fabrics are never dyed. The traditional red and black patterning is sometimes done on this saree, which is typically Assamese. The artisans create exclusive sun-tree motif in the field of the endpiece to add an extra charm.

The Muga silk sarees are admired for the exclusivity of the natural colour of the fabric itself in all over India. The women of east India wear Muga silk sarees in pujas and sometimes the well off widows wear Muga sarees with minimal designing.

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(Last Updated on : 12/09/2013)
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Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East India - Informative & researched article on Muga Silk Sarees, Sarees of East India
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