Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV Channel - Informative & researched article on Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV Channel
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Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV Channel
Aastha TV is regarded as a top rated Indian religious television channel. Aastha TV is very popular for its socio-religious programmes such as traditional religious events, education on Indian Vedic Sciences and yoga workshops by renowned spiritual leaders.
 Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV ChannelAastha TV, also known as the Faith TV, is considered as the number one socio-spiritual-cultural television channel in India. The programmes of Aastha TV mainly feature socio-cultural ceremonies, religious discourses and various spiritual events. They are accompanied by devotional music and meditation techniques. It charts the holy places of pilgrimage, elucidates on traditional festivals and focuses on Indian Vedic sciences including yoga, Ayurveda, aromatherapy and crystal therapy. Aastha Television Channel is available in almost all parts of the country.

Launch of Aastha TV
The brain behind the foundation of Aastha TV is Kirit C. Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director of CMM Broadcasting Network Limited, which owns and operates the Aastha Television Channel. Aastha TV was launched internationally in four continents of Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia in the year 2000. It currently reaches over 20 million households with viewer ship in excess of 100 million. Aastha TV caters to the vast Asian Indian populous spread worldwide. The channel has placed the socio-spiritual-cultural values above everything else. India is known worldwide for its spiritualism and is considered the source of all wisdom the home of all knowledge, focusing on the elevation and awakening of the soul, the enhancement of the power within us. The main objective of launching Aastha TV was the creation of harmony of the body and soul that can be achieved with an understanding of spiritualism. The spiritual programmes aimed at arousing the immense power within, for peace and tranquillity of the mind and soul, to rise way beyond material existence. Aastha channel portrays this strong heritage of India, for the enlistment of humans in all spheres of life. Aastha TV aims at exposing and reminding people all over the world and more particularly the new and younger generation the strong roots of the country to further reinforce this spirit. Aastha channel broadcasts programming in Hindi language, Gujarati language and English.

Programmes of Aastha TV
Aastha TV features spiritual discourses, socio-spiritual-cultural ceremonies and events, meditation techniques and devotional music. Aastha TV broadcasts spiritual discourses of India's great saints and sages. From the year 2005, the channel has started airing locally originated programming as well. One of the famous speakers is Swami Ramdev who speaks of the benefits of ancient yoga in a society that is rapidly moulding into the hectic and stressful pace of Western-style lifestyle. Aastha TV has exclusively broadcasted Swami Ramdev's Indian Yoga workshops since 2003 via two dedicated slots in over 160 countries on the global Aastha TV networks. Talks on 'Meaningful Education' are also telecasted on Aastha TV everyday. Aastha TV also proudly presented the First series of Yoga workshops outside the country. Aastha TV has had exclusive broadcast rights for Swami Ramdev's Indian Yoga workshops since 2003 via two dedicated timeslots in over 160 countries on the global Aastha TV networks. Due to this, they have become synonymous household names in India. Swami Ramdev gives knowledge on various Yoga techniques for the masses and explains the benefits of the ancient art and science of purification and strengthening of the body, mind and soul - and Pranayama - a series of breathing practices combined with Meditative Aasanas from ancient Indian Vedic Sciences.

Aastha Broadcasting network provides religious programming that covers all areas of spiritual pursuit for all regions of the Indian populace. This includes meditations, music, current events and other related disciplines. Aastha TV also airs spiritual programmes of Pujya Niruma and satsangs in Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and Malayalam. Aastha TV is one channel in India, which has influenced not only old people but also a lot of youngsters who really like watching this channel and getting inspired by it. Since its launch the viewer ship rate of the channel increased rapidly. In terms of growth in viewer ship, they are ahead of the news and entertainment channels. These channels are dynamic, changing their position regularly to appeal to a younger clientele. Aastha TV also has two Sindhi channels for audiences in India and Pakistan. The Kumbh Mela was shown live on this channel, which had become very popular with all the devotees.

Aastha International is also available in USA, UK, Canada, Mauritius, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. Aastha International too broadcasts programmes in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages.

(Last Updated on : 14/07/2014)
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Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV Channel - Informative & researched article on Aastha TV, Indian Religious TV Channel
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