Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio Station - Informative & researched article on Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio Station
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Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio Station
Air FM Rainbow which is a group of radio channels over India was previously called FM Metro. The name was changed in the year 2002.
 Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio StationAir FM Rainbow is a national radio station run by All India Radio is a national radio station, heard all across India. This government owned enterprise, features Hindi and regional language songs and occasional English songs along with hourly news bulletins in English, regional language and also in Hindi. The channel plays various genres of music and its preferred list contains variety of songs from all regions of the nation. AIR FM Rainbow plays ghazals, soundtracks as well as English songs, which is a rare occurrence in Indian radio channels. Rainbow is one of very few Indian radio channels which play the Western Music and the western music slots are highly popular with listeners. It has many western music programmes like Take off, Time Out, Live wire Plus, Wicked Hour, Matchless music hours, Footloose, You asked for it, Radio pet house, just for you and many other classical music shows. Almost all the radio jockeys on private FM channels once started with FM Rainbow.

AIR FM Rainbow, National Radio Station in Trichy, AIR FM Rainbow operates on 102.1 megahertz in Tamil language covering more than 12 districts of Tamil Nadu. In Tamil Nadu, this radio channel is also known as "Rainbow FM". In Delhi, AIR FM Rainbow operates on 102.6 megahertz and AIR FM Rainbow Delhi is the only FM Channel to be aired in around ten cities. In Mumbai, it operates on 107.1 megahertz, while in Lucknow; it uses the 100.7 MHz slot. In Vizag, AIR FM Rainbow is heard on 102 megahertz.

In Hyderabad, AIR FM Rainbow operates on 101.9 megahertz and in Vijaywada it is aired on 102.2 megahertz. At a frequency of 101.3, AIR FM Rainbow is heard in Bangalore as well. AIR FM Rainbow was earlier known as FM Metro, the name was later changed to FM Rainbow in 2002. The signals of this station are very strong and it can be heard in the far villages.

The popular slot for English music called Radio Raptures on AIR FM Rainbow is aired everyday from 7am to10am and from 10pm to 1am and it has earned a very good audience with the passing years. Some of the radio Jockeys of AIR FM Rainbow is Altaf, Raunak, Sunny, Wasim, Aditi and Sohail.

(Last Updated on : 12/08/2014)
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Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio Station - Informative & researched article on Air FM Rainbow, Indian National Radio Station
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