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Indian Documentary Channels
Indian Documentary Channels` in India has improved the telecast of documentary films and programmes. These channels are essential, since there are no proper platforms for telecasting documentary films in India.
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 Indian Documentary ChannelsIndian Documentary Channels' throw light on the inquisitive plethora of human beings, of human nature. The exploration into the abyss of human psyche, the voyage into unattained attainable while throwing light into the pillars of human civilization; the socio-economic and political pillars. A documentary channel is a subject oriented television channel which focuses on broadcasting documentaries and programs on current affairs. Although some documentaries made by Indian filmmakers have been telecast on Doordarshan and some Indian news channels, yet there are no specific genre dedicated documentary channels in India.

But the emergence of international documentary channels has more than made up for the lack of Indian born documentary channels and programs. Channels like Discovery, National Geographic and the History channel, Animal Planet, TLC show current features on various issues from around the world. Now, as viewing rate of such programmes has increased, most of the major channels are also focussing on programmes that are related to India. But still, a proper documentary film made in India, showing the reality of this nation is never shown as there are no buyers for them and private channels will not risk showing them.

Indian Documentary Channels In India, documentary filmmakers constantly need to struggle to complete their films due to lack of finance and other intrinsic problems and neither do they get a platform to show their films. The only broadcaster willing to show them is Doordarshan, but that too has to be approved by them beforehand. But recently, the trend is changing as a few news channels telecasts Indian documentary programmes on a weekly basis. But until a proper and dedicated National documentary channel emerges, the international channels are quenching the thirst of Indian viewers by providing critically acclaimed programmes and series.

National Geographic Channel
The National Geographic Channel, also popularly known as Nat Geo, showcases the expeditions of various explorers, wildlife photographers and researchers on assignment around the globe. National geographic also featured some amazing documentaries on the tragic 9/11 events. Heart-warming documentaries on the Mumbai floods and Indian Witch hunting were also telecast.

National Geographic Adventure
Formerly known as Adventure One (A1), but now commonly known as Nat Geo Adventure, the 24 hour adventure channel of Asia claims to cover a range of active outdoor adventures, including adventure travel and sports, adventure personalities etc.
Indian Documentary Channels
Nat Geo Junior
Nat Geo Junior is broadcast in many countries, including India and created particularly for children. The programs are specifically designed to attract the kids and enrich their level of knowledge and interest on various subjects.

National Geographic Wild
Commonly referred to as Nat Geo Wild, the channel usually focuses on the wildlife of various regions, including that of India, featuring mostly the fierce predators of the wild.

Discovery Channel
The channel offers the current & best of documentary programs available on the themes of popular science, history, and knowledge about the world. But previously, the channel was popular exclusively for its science documentaries. Discovery network is now focused on programs based in India & the Indian culture. It has launched the channel in various regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil & Bengali.
Indian Documentary Channels
Animal Planet
The channel is dedicated to programming that highlights the relationship between humans and animals and conservation of various species by popular environmentalists. Country-specific versions of the channel have been created in India, and other countries.

Discovery Science
Discovery Science is a factual, non-fiction channel produced by Discovery Networks. The Channel broadcasts a number of science-related television series and films.

Discovery Turbo
It is a male oriented factual television channel devoted to programming about cars, bikes, boats, and planes. It is tailor-made for automobile enthusiasts.

The channel believes that 'Lifestyle entertainment' is the next big trend and the channel is committed to putting in millions of dollars to develop it. The programming genres include travel, health and well-being, food and cuisine, home design and dƒ?scor, hobbies and outdoors leisure. The channel launched in October 2004 and was the first international channel launched under the "Discovery Travel & Living" name. Lately, the channel has started offering programmes based on Indian culture.

Indian Documentary Channels Fox History and Traveller
Originally launched as The History Channel, Fox History & Traveller was launched on November 22, 2008. This is the only international TV network dedicated exclusively to historical programming. It was primarily being promoted as India's only television channel purely committed to history, bringing the power and passion of the past to life. As need for such type of quality programs is on the rise, more channels will come in focusing on specific themes and topics. With the passage of time and increased demand, Indian networks will eventually realize the importance of such content resulting in the launch of an authentic Indian documentary channel.

(Last Updated on : 09/05/2014)
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Indian Documentary Channels - Informative & researched article on Indian Documentary Channels
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