Wedding Stage Decorations - Informative & researched article on Wedding Stage Decorations
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Wedding Stage Decorations
Wedding Stage decorations are predominantly based on traditional as well as contemporary themes nowadays. Wedding stage decorations are one of the major attractions of wedding ceremony.
 Wedding Stage DecorationsWedding stage decorations in India is an important and significant aspect in the celebrations of marriage, in any religion. As most of the wedding rituals are conducted on the wedding stage, so decorating it vividly and cautiously is of utmost importance. The wedding stage is the auspicious location where the bride and groom are officially presented as a couple. The key purpose of wedding stage decorations is to make the entire wedding a memorable event. A 'mandap' or stage is constructed and decorated according to Hindu traditions, weddings are conducted in open areas. Traditionally wedding stage decorations are done in ethnic style, but lately the concept of theme based decorations has gained immense popularity. Recently, numerous wedding planning agencies have mushroomed up to provide help. Moreover, the wedding stage offers the guest a better view to observe and witness the entire ceremony, even from distance.

Various aspects of Wedding Stage Decorations
In the current scenario, there are a lot of amenities and elements which can be applied to enhance the appearance of the wedding stage. The current trends of theme based wedding decorations provide a grand, royal and elegant touch to the entire event.

Backdrop of Wedding Stage
The backdrop forms an essential part of the Wedding stage decorations, as it creates the setting for the stage. The backdrop can be designed by various props and items, like various types of exquisite and long drapes and curtains like satins, silks, velvets, can be used, which can be of bold and bright colours like red, yellow, or royal shades like golden and silver, which will give the stage a very elegant and majestic appearance. Different types of exotic flowers, natural and synthetic, can also be used for the backdrop.

Sitting Arrangements
Exquisite chairs that appear like royal thrones can also be put up on the centre of the stage for the special bride and groom. These not only add a touch of royalty to the wedding but also help in presentation of the couple. Based upon the layout of the stage, various sofas and majestic divans can also be set around the stage for the guest and family members.

Props and other items
Numerous types of props can also be used in the decoration. Designer and decorated columns, pillars and domes can be placed on the stage in a systematic layout, fitted with drapes and flowers, which will make the stage, look grand. Beautifully decorated Diyas and Kalash can also be used as ethnic props and decorative items. Kalash of an array of designs shapes and colours can place. Moreover deep coloured carpets could be laid down around the stage area, thus increasing the overall area related to the wedding stage.

Flowers add a sense of romanticism and warmth to the wedding celebrations. Flowers offer natural beauty, colour, novelty, fragrance and a sparkle to the event. Numerous types of exotic and rare flowers can be used for the event. Mostly fresh seasonal flowers are used in wedding stage decorations as much as possible. Various types of floral patterns could also be created, namely images of gods and other holy symbols that are considered auspicious.

The lighting of the entire stage also holds an important place in wedding decorations. The lighting should be bright enough, although not being uncomfortable to the bride and groom, or the guests. The light should complement the entire theme of the stage along with other props and items so as to enhance the entire setting of the stage. Various types and shades of lights can be used to add a sense of colour, shine and glitter to the ceremony. An elegant chandelier can also be set atop the stage, embellished with shiny drapes and props. Modern electrical equipments should be used properly to achieve the bets light effects that would colour up the entire stage.

Colour Scheme
It is also important to select a proper colour scheme that would embody the personality of the bride and groom. The general colour schemes that are most popular are bright and bold colours like red, saffron, white, blue, golden and also many colour merged together to achieve a contrasting as well as complementing look.

The theme, props and colours selected for the wedding stage decorations should be in harmony, as well as in contrast to the entire setting of the stage, only then the perfect ambience for the event can be achieved. Recently, wedding stage decorations are being influenced and improved by western designs. More improved items and artefacts are put into use to provide a more grand and elegant look to the Indian wedding stage decorations.

(Last Updated on : 11/12/2012)
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Wedding Stage Decorations - Informative & researched article on Wedding Stage Decorations
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