Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and custom - Informative & researched article on Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and custom
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Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and custom
Lizard Chirping is considered auspicious according to Hindu belief. This creature is supposed to foretell the future by their hooting and chirping.
 Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and customLizard chirping, according to the Hindus, is considered holy and auspicious. These two creatures are supposed to foretell by their chirping and hooting what is going to befall to certain individuals in certain houses. So firm-rooted and strong this belief has been among the people from time immemorial that there are separate books on lizard chirping and owl hooting. Not only the chirping but also the falling of a lizard on particular portion of the body of a man portends good or evil to him.

If a lizard happens to fall on the head of an individual, then he should be prepared for some rebellion from or caused by others disturbing his peace of mind. If the creature happens to drop on the tuft of hair, it foretells some gain to the person concerned. If it falls on the head, then it indicates death. If the lizard drops on the face, he or she may have the opportunity of seeing some relatives soon. By falling on the eye-brows, the lizard prophesies royal favour while its fall on the upper lip indicates loss of wealth and fall on the under lip, gain of wealth. The fall of the lizard on other portions of the body indicates good or evil that can be mentioned as follows.

On the nose its fall forebodes sickness and disease, on the right ear it conveys long life, on the left ear the person gains in trade, on the eyes he or she gets imprisonment; on the chin experiences royal punishment, on the mouth it indicates some source of fear, on the neck it conveys destruction of enemies, on the right arm it effects general health, on the left arm it convey the message of sexual enjoyment, on the right wrist it troubled of one kind or other, on the navel it indicates gain of precious stones, on the two sides there is immense gain, on the thighs there is unhappiness to parents, on the knees and ankles indicates general good, on the feet says impending travel, on the buttocks conveys general good, on the nails it says loss of wealth, on the penis conveys penury and want, on the left hand it conveys sorrow, on the right hand it tells misery, on the back it says destruction, on the anus it helps in gaining money, on the toes of the feet it represent fear, on the left hand fingers it entails sorrow, on the right hand fingers it says fear from royal displeasure and so on.

As regards the chirping of the lizard and what it portends it is said that the direction from which the chirping is heard on particular days of the week have to be taken into consideration. The following table has been arranged to indicate what the chirping portends on particular days in particular directions.

On Sundays, there are different points that can be understood which depends on the chirping of a lizards. The directions and the emotions can be mentioned as follows.

East-- fear,
South-east-- evil,
South-- good,
South-west-- opportunity to see relatives,
West-- quarrel,
Northwest-- gain of new cloth,
North-- gain of gems,
North-east-- general gain,
Above-- success, and
ground below-- failure in attempts.

On Mondays, the chirping is said to prophesy as noted below.
East-- gain of wealth
West-- reception from king
North-- gain of new cloth
Sky--evil and
Floor-- prosperity.

On Tuesdays, the good or evil indicated by the chirping can be explained as below.
South-east-- gain of relatives,
North-west-- news from distant parts,
North-- fear from enemies,
North-east-- gain of vehicles,
Sky-journeys, and
Ground-- great gain.

On Wednesdays, there are different directions and also different emotion attached to it that is connected with the chirping of the lizard.
East-- joy,
South-east-- gain of wealth,
South-- bodily sickness,
South-west-- loss of relatives,
West-- fear,
North-west-- loss of wealth,
North-- happiness,
North-east-- want of success,
Above-- good news,
Below-- prosperity.

On Thursdays, the good or evil indicated and the entire factor depends upon the chirping of the lizards as well. The following can be mentioned.
South-east-- good reception from relatives,
South-- gain of wealth,
South-west-- success in all the undertakings,
West-- loss,
North-west-- good news,
North-- failure,
North-east-- good meals, and above or below-rebellion.

On Fridays, the following particulars can be mentioned.
East-- good news,
South-east-- decoration,
South-- visit of relatives,
South-west-- good news,
West-- joy,
North-west-- quarrel and rebellion in the house,
North-- quarrelsome and rebellious words,
North-east-- victory over the enemy,
Above-- gain of things,
Below-- freedom from pollution.

On Saturdays also there are particularities which can be mentioned as.
East-- good words,
South-east-- gain of wealth and sandal paste,
South-- audience with the king,
South-west-- sickness,
West-- gain of new cloth,
South-west-- relationship with a new woman,
North-- pleasing or agreeable news,
North-east-- fear from thieves,
Above-- failure in attempts, and
Below-- success in everything.

(Last Updated on : 26/07/2011)
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Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and custom - Informative & researched article on Lizard Chirping, Indian belief and custom
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