Earth`s Magnetic Effect on Human Body - Informative & researched article on Earth`s Magnetic Effect on Human Body
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Earth`s Magnetic Effect on Human Body
The human body has magnetic property and the two ends of the body represent the two poles of a magnet.
 Earth's Magnetic Effect on Human BodyThe human body itself is said to have a magnetic property. If the human body is considered vertically, the head and the upper half of the body are said to represent 'North Pole' and their opposites parts, the feet and the lower half of the body, are said to be the 'South Pole.

Again, if the human body is considered horizontally, the right hand, the right arm and the right side of the body are considered to represent the 'North Pole' and their opposites, the left hand, the left arm and the left side of the body represents the 'South Pole'. Moreover, the front side of an individual consisting of forehead, face, chest and belly is said to represent 'North pole' and back side consisting of back of neck, spine and hips represent the 'South pole'.

Therefore, it is said that if any action or deed done in the natural direction following the natural law and forces as per the magnetism then it provides peace and pacification. If the works are done opposite the magnetic and natural direction then it may result in discomfort. Similarly, if one lies in the posture like a hanging bar while going to sleep, then tension, sleeplessness and restlessness can be avoided.

Again, when one stretches one's north to the north of the earth and one's south to the south of the earth, then equilibrium can be attained. Therefore, it is better for a person to lie with the head towards the North and the feet towards the South, while going to sleep, especially if one sleeps on the ground. If one sleeps in this particular magnetic position then, better sleep can be enjoyed and it also brings good health. Sleeping in this magnetic direction of the earth and the magnetic currents influences the system of body favourably.

The ancient philosophy says that when a person is lying on the death-bed, one finds it extremely painful and difficult to breathe his last. Therefore, that person is made to lie on the earth in the North and South position, keeping the head towards the North direction. Keeping the person along the line with the magnetic direction of the earth helps the soul of the dying person to leave the body with less pain and agony.

According to Hindu philosophy, there is a custom that when the death of any person is awaiting and is feared to happen at any moment; the person is laid down on the earth to breathe his last. It is because as per the custom it is believed that the soothing effect of the magnetic currents of the earth on the human bodies help him to leave the last breath easily.

Magnetism is one of the two branches of the same natural force, the other being the electricity. These two natural forces are inseparable and they go alongside. The earth is a massive magnet and also a vast electrical reservoir, because an electric current, when released goes directly to the earth.

The human body is also considered to be a miniature form of the earth. The exchange of matters, magnetism and electricity in human bodies continues. Therefore, walking on dewy grass or by sleeping out-doors on newly mown hay improves the health of a person. According to the Yogis of India, the magnetic power enters their body and restores energy in some mysterious way.

(Last Updated on : 26/04/2014)
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Earth`s Magnetic Effect on Human Body - Informative & researched article on Earth`s Magnetic Effect on Human Body
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