Vivah Yog, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Vivah Yog, Palmistry
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Vivah Yog, Palmistry
Vivah Yog is related with the married life of an individual and is important in palmistry. Vivah Yog has gained a special significance in the science of palmistry because it is an integral part of human life.
 Vivah Yog, PalmistryVivah Yog is one of the noteworthy aspects of palmistry. Palmists opine that Vivah Yog is directly associated with the married life of an individual. Thus, it is studied with utmost care in palmistry. As per palmistry, when the mount of Jupiter and the mount of Venus are developed, then their combination makes the Vivah Yog. Interestingly, study of Vivah Yog on a person's hand in Palmistry has provided several significant facts about their results.

Happy or unhappy married life of a person can be determined by a thorough study of the different combinations of Vivah Yog. Palmists have opined after a thorough research that if the fate line begins from Mount of Moon and it ends at Heart lineand if the fate line crosses the mount of Jupiter, then such a combination is said to be the combination of a happy married life. Individuals with such a combination are said to have a happy and peaceful married life. Further, it is also said that if the mount of Venus is not properly developed and if there is any red star sign on mount of Venus, then this combination is considered as the combination of an unhappy marriage. If there is any mark of island on marriage line and a cross mark on the fate line then it is also said to be a combination of an unhappy marriage. It is believed in Palmistry that in those cases there are chances of an existing ill-feeling between the married couple. Thus, in those cases mutual relationship between the married couple remains troubled throughout.

Moreover, it is also said according to the science of Palmistry that if the mount of Venus is comparatively more developed and if the Sun line and the marriage line cut each other then in such cases it is said to be the combination of unequal marriage. Palmistry also says that if the line of Sun has some contact with line of Venus, then such grouping indicates that a person will be married with a trader.

Interestingly, there are certain combinations that are only found in the hands of a female. There are some combinations that indicate difficulties in marriage. Vivah Yog also warns against the evil possibilities of marriage life.

(Last Updated on : 08/03/2014)
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Vivah Yog, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Vivah Yog, Palmistry
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