Fate Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Fate Line, Palmistry
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Fate Line, Palmistry
Fate Line on the palm is connected with the future and the progresses of an individual according to Palmists. Fate line is also known as the Saturn line and is one of the most significant lines in the science of Palmistry.
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 Fate Line, PalmistryFate line, which terminates at the mount of Saturn, is regarded as one of the most significant elements in the science of palmistry. Unless the line reaches the mount of Saturn, it is not considered as the Fate Line. The fate line can adversely affect a person's life even if everything appears to be alright. According to palmistry, the fate line determines the luck and fortune in a person's life.

The significance of the fate line is indisputably vital but the shape, size and form of the line is also considered of sufficient importance in the science of palmistry. The depth, distinct formation and flawlessness of the fate line determine the excellence and intensity of destiny. Eminent palmists believe that if the fate line is in its finest form, then even if all other lines are weak and faulty, then the individual can attain massive success in life. This holds true even, if the individual's personality is flawed, his fate line can provide adequate success through out his life time. Thus the palmists carefully study the fate line while reading the person's palm.

Although most people do not possess the fate line, eminent palmists believe that even in the absence of the fate line, an individual can achieve success through his efforts, and this does not signify bad luck. According to palmistry, if the fate line on a person's palm appears broken at any place, instead of elongated and distinctive, then that person might be considered unlucky and has high probability of facing unfortunate events in his life. In this case, the person will encounter adverse situations in his life, and even after making adequate efforts and struggle he would lack proper success. Thus, the professional palmists are of the belief that it is better not to have a fate line that to possess a broken one.

Fate line is also recognised as Saturn line, as the line ceases at the mount of Saturn. The fate line generally origins from various places but it always ends at the mount of Saturn. If the fate line is feeble or absent, a few facts need to be considered, such as it the line is missing or if it is weak, then the individual might lick support of siblings and family, although he might attain success in life. The absence of the line signifies that the person has achieved greatness only through his own efforts and not by luck or destiny.

The Fate line moves from underneath and goes upwards and as clarified by the professional palmists, this line generates from different places but invariably ends at the mount of Saturn. The fate line is linked with the future life of the individuals. At the same time, a careful analysis of the fate line portrays an individual's emotions, his psychological and intellectual standard and his potential. The fate line also depicts the financial position the individual will attain.

Numerous things related with the future of the individuals are linked with the origin of the fate line. As different places of origin on the palm have different connotations, both the origin and termination should be given due importance and should be analysed properly in order to accurately read a person's palm. If this line generates from anywhere and arrives at the mount of Saturn, without any support, then such a line is measured as indisputably strong and outstanding. But when the fate line crosses the mount of Saturn and arrives at the phalange of the finger of Saturn, in that case, the line is considered flawed and is presumed to bear bad luck.

In the science of palmistry, significant importance has been attached on the position of fate line. Sometimes it spawns from right above the wrist and with the support of other lines on the palm; it reaches the mount of Saturn. Several times this line starts from near the lifeline and reaches the mount of Saturn. The fate line starts from the mount of Venus and reaches the mount of Saturn. Sometimes this line appears to start from the mount of Mars as well. Fate line reaches the mount of Saturn after intersecting with the lifeline. Occasionally it appears that this line originates from the mount of Dragon's Head also.

Hence, the magnitude of fate line in the life of an individual is undeniably widespread. The fate line not only determines the prospective future of an individual, but supports the person to achieve success and progress in life through his own efforts by countering his personal flaws. The fate line also occupies an important position in the science of palmistry.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Fate Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Fate Line, Palmistry
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