Marriage Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Marriage Line, Palmistry
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Marriage Line, Palmistry
Marriage Line runs across the edge of the palm starting under the little finger and provides knowledge of a person’s relationships and marriage.
 Marriage Line, PalmistryMarriage line, according to Indian astrology, is also known as the Love Line. It provides information about the relationship and the marriage of an individual. The Marriage line moves across the edge of the palm generating from below the finger of Mercury or the little finger. According to renowned palmists, marriage lines reveal the course of marriages or romances in an individual's life, but it depends on the number of lines present on the person's palm and also the clarity of the lines. Such lines are generally situated on the mount of Mercury, and generally move in from the edge of the palm towards the mount of Mercury. There might be a couple of lines present on a person's palm, but the most prominent and distinct line amongst these is considered as the Marriage line. The lines do not recognise the occurrence of a ceremony rather it indicates the influence of different people on a person's life. It also hints out the intimacy in a relation. A prosperous union is suggested by a deep, well marked line. If the marriage line is divided at the end and forms into a fork, then it indicates divorce or separation.

There are also exceptions to this line and its assumptions, as a person might remain bachelor through out his/her life, inspite of existence of the marriage line on their palm. This is basically because a cross on the marriage line implies that the person might face problems in relationship or it might end up in a broken engagement, and the person eventually will not get married. The presence of small signs on any line on either side of the marriage line denotes that the person will have many illicit and extra-marital affairs.

Features of Marriage Line
The length of the marriage line is the determinant factor and is the major feature, as per palmistry. If the marriage line is long then the person is supposed have a long relationship. Moreover, if the marriage line tends to lean towards the Heart line, then it signifies the demise of the spouse or partner. Further, an eventual inclination towards the line of heart implies that the partner or spouse will suffer from a long illness and endure death. The person could remain single, if the marriage line bends upwards. Moreover, according to professional palmists, the age of marriage of an individual can be determined by the proximity of the marriage line to the heart line. When the line is in close proximity to the heart line, then it denotes that the person will be married at a young age.

Various facets of a person's relationship are also determined by the colour of the marriage line. If the line is deep then the person is supposed to enjoy a flourishing relationship. However, if the line is too much deep or wide spread, the person will encounter strain in his marital life, fuelled by gradually fading affection. A divorce or separation is denoted by a broken marriage line. If the marriage line is segregated with overlaying segments, then it signifies parting and separation of the person and the partner, pursued by reunion.

If any line convenes with the line of marriage, but does not necessarily cross the line, then it symbolises that in the marriage, the couple will have children.

(Last Updated on : 21/03/2014)
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Marriage Line, Palmistry - Informative & researched article on Marriage Line, Palmistry
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