Emerald, The Gemstone for Mercury - Informative & researched article on Emerald, The Gemstone for Mercury
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Emerald, The Gemstone for Mercury
People under the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo can wear emerald to obtain desired results.
 Emerald, The Gemstone for  MercuryThe planet Mercury is regarded the prince among the congregation of nine planets. Mercury is the son of moon by his wife Rohini. In human body, Mercury represents astuteness and voice. Mercury is the ruler of two signs of the Zodiac- Gemini and Virgo. The gemstone pertaining to Mercury is Emerald. It is a mineral - a compound of silicate of aluminum beryllium and oxygen. Its colour is light to dark green. This gemstone is exceedingly uncommon, because it is very difficult to find an unflawed emerald.

Emerald is found predominately in India, Russia, Brazil and Columbia. It is a delicate gemstone and pretty delicate. It is unearthed from coal mines. Black spots and fibrils are often seen in it, because of high presence of carbon in it. It is indeed distinguished by its black spots. In authentic emeralds, cracks are often found, but it does not hinder its utility.

By wearing it, a man can appease his or her mental commotion. It should be worn particularly by diplomats, scientists, astrologers, teachers, architects, medical personalities, doctors, businessmen, property dealers, publishers, accountants, engineers, writers, post officers, insurance officers and intellectuals. It increases logical power, common sense and spiritual power.

Saraswati, Goddess of learning, sharpens the intelligence of students, singers, dancers, and musicians by Her grace on those who wear emerald. It increases eyesight, food grains, property, children and obliterates black magic, malicious effects by evil spirits and nightmares.

There are many ideas about emerald. It makes child birth very easy when it is tied around the waist of a pregnant woman. It is regarded auspicious when a lover presents this to his/her partner. If someone plots to harm a person wearing emerald, he or she is disclosed very soon. It makes the wearer filled with love, understanding and nobility.

Emerald, The Gemstone for  Mercury The weak mercury in a man's horoscope causes several diseases like asthma, rheumatism, cough, stammering, spondylitis etc. Therefore in such conditions, wearing of emerald is most practical.

How to wear - The weight of emerald should be a minimum of 2.5 ratti (300 mg) for a ring or pendant. The more the weight, the more will be its effectiveness.

Emerald should be embedded in the five metal or silver ring. The ring should be washed with unboiled milk before 11 a.m. After consecrating the ring by touching the feet of the desired Almighty and chanting "Om Bum Budhaye Namah Om", it should be worn on the smallest finger. One should donate money to a Brahmin and green vegetables with leaves should be fed to a cow.

Emerald is effective for 3 years since the time of wearing. Persons under the Gemini sign of zodiac, whose names start with- ka, ki, ku, gha, anga, cha, ke, ko, kay - and people under the Virgo sign of zodiac, with names starting with - to, pa, pee, pu, ana, tha, pay, po, should wear the ring embedded with emerald.

According to western opinion, people born on dates - 5, 14, 23 of any month or during the period between 15th June and 15th July and between 17th Septemebr and 16th October, should wear emerald. People with 5 as their lucky number, can also wear emerald.

Note - If emerald is out of reach, it can be substituted with stones like margaz, peridot, tourmaline (green) or onex.

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(Last Updated on : 31/01/2015)
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Emerald, The Gemstone for Mercury - Informative & researched article on Emerald, The Gemstone for Mercury
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