Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant - Informative & researched article on Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant
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Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant
Belleric Myroblan, is an immense tree, its dried fruits used for manufacturing medicines.
 The word Belleric is derived from the scientific name, which distinguishes this myroblan from the other one, i.e., chebulic myroblan, (harad). The dried fruits of the tree make up the drug bahera. The trade name 'bahera' is established on the Indian name of the tree.

Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant This tree is native to Indian soil. It occurs nearly all through the country- up to about 1,000 metres, excluding the dry regions of western India. It is more prevalent in assorted deciduous forests.

Methods of usage
Belleric Myroblan possesses a vast range of healing power, mostly in organic disorders and infections and germ eradication, consumed as semi-solid.

Healing Power and Medicinal Properties in Belleric Myroblan
The herb is extremely acrid to taste. It is a revitaliser and a purgative and checks secretion or blood loss. It is also helpful in reducing fever. The bahera fruit is one of the three components of the celebrated Indian preparation triphala, the other two being embelica myroblan (amla) and chebulic myroblan (harad) respectively.

Cough cured by Belleric Myroblan Belleric myroblan is a household antidote for coughs. An assortment of the pulp composing of fruit, salt, long pepper and honey is given in the treatment of cough. The fried fruit covered with wheat flour is also roasted, which is another well-accepted remedy for cough and catarrh.

Stomach Disorders healed by Belleric Myroblan
The herb is exceedingly handy in stomach upsets like indigestion and diarrhoea. A decoction or mixture of 1 to 3 grams of the pulp of the fruit should be given in such troubles.

Sore Throat cured by Belleric Myroblan
The same mixture that is administered for cough treatment is also a practical antidote for sore throat and gruffness of voice. The fried fruit mixture is another remedy for treating sore throat. It should be administered in the similar manner like cough.

Chronic Constipation healed by Belleric Myroblan
The half seasoned fruit is regarded useful as a laxative. It can be utilised constructively in the treatment of persistent constipation. However, the ripened and dried fruit possesses the contrary property.

Intestinal Worms cured by Belleric Myroblan
Belleric myroblan, mixed with the seeds of butea (palash) is a highly helpful anthelmintic. It should be taken in dosages of one teaspoon thrice a day. It helps eliminate all enteric parasites.

Eye Disorders cured by Belleric Myroblan
The herb can be applied on the eyes as a cooling balm. Its fine powder can be utilised constructively in epiphora- i.e., watering of the eyes, in which tears stream down onto the cheeks due to malfunction of the tear drainage system.

Other Diseases healed by Belleric Myroblan
Belleric myroblan can be used with satiating results as a brain revitaliser. It is also useful for leprosy, piles, oedema and fever.

Belleric myroblan is a huge tree, often with ramparts. It has enormous leaves, 10 to 25 cm in length, bunched up near the ends of branches; it also possesses characteristics of small pale green ill-scented flowers in plain spikes and egg-shaped, brownish elongated fruits, thickly covered with hair.

The herb contains satisfying quantities of tannin substances.

(Last Updated on : 20/12/2013)
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Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant - Informative & researched article on Belleric Myroblan, Indian Plant
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