Nosebleed or Nakseer - Informative & researched article on Nosebleed or Nakseer
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Nosebleed or Nakseer
In medical science nosebleed has been described as loss of blood from the tissue, lining the nose.
 Nosebleed or NakseerA nosebleed can be described as loss of blood from the tissue, lining the nose. Bleeding most commonly occurs in one nostril only. It is not uncommon for children or even adults to have an occasional nosebleed.

Nosebleeds are very common and it occurs due to many reasons. Most nosebleeds occur because of minor irritations or colds. They can be frightening for some patients, but are rarely life threatening. The nose contains many tiny blood vessels that bleed easily. Air moving through the nose can become dry and irritate the membranes lining the inside of the nose. It can alos forms crusts. These crusts bleed when irritated by rubbing, picking, or blowing the nose. The lining of the nose is more likely to become dry and irritated from low humidity, allergies, colds, or sinusitis. Thus, nosebleeds occur more frequently in the winter when viruses are common and heated indoor air dries out the nostrils. A deviated septum, which is a foreign object in the nose, can also cause a nosebleed. Other nasal blockage can also do the same harm and cause nosebled.

Most nosebleeds occur on the tip of the nasal septum. This is the tissue that separates the two sides of the nose. The septum contains many fragile, easily damaged blood vessels. This form of nosebleed is usually easy to stop. Less commonly, nosebleeds may occur higher on the septum or deeper in the nose. Such nosebleeds may be harder to control. Occasionally, nosebleeds may indicate other disorders such as bleeding disorders or high blood pressure. Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia may be evidenced by nosebleeds. This is a disorder involving a blood vessel growth similar to a birthmark in the back of the nose. Blood thinners such as Coumadin or aspirin may cause or worsen nosebleeds.

Causes and Symptoms: According to Ayurveda, bleeding from the nose usually occurs due to vitiation of pitta. If pitta has a tendency to go up, it may cause bleeding from the nose.

Home Remedies: Bleeding from the nose is usually not regarded as a very serious condition. In an ordinary nosebleed, the patient should be asked to lie still, and a cold compress should be applied to his head. It should be placed at a level lower than his feet. He should be asked to inhale iced water and refrain from blowing his nose. If this does not help, a few drops of the swaras or juice of any of the following should be dropped into the nasal passage, the list includes onions, dub grass, tender flowers of the pomegranate tree, shelled mango seeds, or jwasa i.e. Alhagi pseudalbagi.

In case bleeding is very severe and the patient appears to be losing too much of blood, gauze soaked with panchkshiri kashaya or alum i.e. phitkiri, camphor, and majuphala in equal quantities and in powder form should be dropped into the nose. Amla should be ground in buttermilk and the paste should be put in a little boiling ghee. When it is cold, it should be applied to the forehead and the outside of the nose. All these readily prevent the nosebleed and which has definitely no side effects.

Surgical Remedies: Sushruta has advised that in case all the remedies described above fail to improve the condition. And in worst condition if bleeding continues and also posing a danger to the life of a patient, recourse should be taken to surgery. It is possible that a blood vessel in the organ may have burst. Electric cauterization is the final remedy.

In case the nosebleed is due to high blood pressure, drugs to reduce it should be administered.

(Last Updated on : 02/02/2013)
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Nosebleed or Nakseer - Informative & researched article on Nosebleed or Nakseer
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