Just Married, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Just Married, Indian film
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Just Married, Indian film
`Just Married`, the Indian film directed by Meghna Gulzar is a romantic film released in 2007.
 Just Married, Indian filmThe Indian film, 'Just Married', is a directorial piece of Meghna Gulzar. The film throws light to positive and negative sides of arranged marriage. Marriage is often the culmination of a perfect romance. An arranged marriage however, is the beginning of an anticipated romance. In middle class India where romance and love starts only after marriage, the film is a perfect delight. The entire movie is shot in Mumbai and Ooty.

Synopsis of the Indian movie 'Just Married'
The story of the film 'Just Married' concentrates on the reaction and treatment of honeymoon couples. Two strangers become companions for life after an arranged marriage and go on a honeymoon in Ooty where they discover the obvious awkwardness that any relatively-not-known-to-each-other couple feels when it comes to consummating their marriage. The film not only includes sex but it also gives equal importance to belief, trust, understanding and love between two people who have to share their lives together. The movie is about five couples who are on their honeymoon at Ooty and share the same hotel. All of them are pretty newly wed except for one who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Together the couples take many tours and visit sites together in Ooty to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the place. They also get to know each other on a personable level. Slowly and steadily host of stories open up about each of them. Abhay Sachdeva played by Fardeen Khan and Ritika Khanna played by Esha Deol are newly married couple who had an arrange marriage after a sole meeting. Abhay is ready to work things out and open himself out to Ritika but Ritika is holding back causing a few tensions and confusions in their life. There is a natural nervousness on the part of Ritika. But Abhay is of understanding nature. He tries to make Ritika comfortable doing various things.

Rishab played by Bikram Saluja and Anu played by Perizaad Zorabia are also a couple. But this is their third honeymoon which they are enjoying like anything. They seem to be totally head over heels in love with each other and are the envy of most other couples. But it reveals at the end of the story that they are not at all married and Bikram has his wife and family.

Kirron Kher and Satish Shah are the third couple who are here to celebrate their anniversary and always seem to be fighting each other in public. The fact is that they love each other a lot but their expression of it is just different. Thay have spent many years together and this is the time when they want to roam and enjoy the outer world. Raj Zutshi played by Arjun Kohli-AK and Sarah played by Tarina Patel is the other couple. He has been out of the country for a long time and is living with his girlfriend of another nationality. He had proposed to her in the past but the offer was rejected. They are together because they love to be like this.

Shohib played by Mukul Dev and Ananiya played by Sadidya Siddique are the last couple. Ananiya is Shoahib's sister's best friend and had an eternal crush on him eventually convinced him to marry her. But Shoahib is unable to think of Ananiya as anything but his sister's friend. They are working on trying to resolve their differences. The film is a visual delight as it is filmed in the exquisite location in and around Ooty. The film has a happy ending. While returning home the bus faces an accident. All the couples are safe but at the last moment to save Kirron Kher and Satish Shah, Abhay and Ritika becomes stuck. Finally after many hurdles they are safe and that very point Ritike feels something for Abhay. In the whole trip they hardly touch each other but at that very moment they feel extremely close to each other and fall in love. They decide to go back to Ooty and resume the honeymoon trip.

Cast and Crew of 'Just Married'
The star cast of the film 'Just Married' includes Fardeen Khan, Esha Deol, Kirron Kher, Perizaad Zorabian, Bikram Saluja, Yashpal Sharma, Sadia Siddiqui, Raj Zutshi, Tarina Patel, Moushmi Chatterjee, Satish Shah, and Mukul Dev. etc in pivotal roles. The film id directed by Meghna Gulzar while it is produced by Pritish Nandy Communications. Music in the film is given by Pritam while lyrics are penned by Gulzar.

(Last Updated on : 14/01/2009)
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Just Married, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Just Married, Indian film
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