Garam Masala, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Garam Masala, Indian film
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Garam Masala, Indian film
`Garam Masala`, the Indian film directed by Priyadarshan is a remake of a Malayalam film.
 Garam Masala, Indian filmThe Indian film, 'Garam Masala', is a hilarious movie by the south Indian director Priyadarshan. This is a remake of the Malayalam film 'Boeing Boeing'. Story is not really instrumental to a movie like this. But the crucial is the characters and the situations they get stuck in. Humour and comedy arise out of such situations.

In the Bollywood movie Garam Masala, Akshay Kumar is Mac, the handsome guy who plays some naughty games with three gorgeous air hostesses and some mean ones with his long suffering fiancé. John Abraham is Sam, as bad as Mac when it comes to flirting. Rather he is slightly worse when it comes to lying. Known for his swoon worthy looks, this film reveals his funny bones besides those taut muscles. Paresh Rawal is Mambo, a cranky but cute cook, whose main job is to ensure that none of the three girls know of each other's existence in Mac's flirtatious life. The three of them lead an eventful life in one apartment.

Synopsis of the Indian film 'Garam Masala'
The film tells the story of two guys namely Mac played by Akshay Kumar and Sam played by John Abraham. Mac is a luckless photographer, engaged to Anjali played by Rimi Sen. Although the flamboyant shutterbug is a flirt, he has little success with women until three sexy airhostesses namely Priti played by Daisy Bopanna, Sweety played by Neetu Chandran and Puja played by Nargis come to his life. Mac, the 'Casanova', grabs the opportunity by its beard and begins flirting with each one of them, convincing each one at the same time that she is the only one in his love life. On the other hand Sam played by John Abraham is Mac's friend-turned-foe. The two are always locked in a battle of one-upmanship.

The movie starts off when two photographers Shyam played by John Abraham and Mac played by Akshay Kumar are doing a photo shoot. At the time when Mac is shooting the models in various exposing poses his fiancee sees him and then leaves in disgust due to Mac's closeness to the models. Their boss calls them into his office and tells them that they are good-for-nothing photographers. He threatens to reduce their pay if they don't get some good pictures for the World Photography competition to make his magazine 'Garam Masala' famous.

In order to come up from the situation both Mac and Sam ask Maggie played by Neha Dhupia, the bosses secretary, on a date on the same day, at the same restaurant at the same time. As all three meet up at the restaurant a pickpocket takes both Mac's and Sam's wallets. After the complition of the meal to impress Maggie both of them want to pay the bill. But when they know about their situation both Sam and Mac leave Maggie to pay the bill. As the story proceeds Sam visits a famous photographer praising him and asking for a few outstanding shots. These stolen shots help Sam to win the world photography competition. He gets promoted in his job, is given ten percent of the prize money and has his pay doubled, whilst Mac receives a demotion to assistant. Sam flies off to USA to enjoy his holiday, leaving Mac fuming in Mauritius.

The chief-editor persuades Mac to show up Sam by getting three women to be his fiancees, getting a very expensive flat and driving very expensive, imported cars. Following his promise Mac gets access to a high quality flat, and also gets access to three beautiful air-hostesses. His driver Babban played by Rajpal Yadav is his key to the high life. Not only does Babban get Mac access to his high quality flat, but also delivers him very high-end cars to impress his fiancees. He also drives Mac's cars and does all his services for a small few of liquor every day. Lastly Babban gets Mac access to a housekeeper, Mambo played by Paresh Rawal, who has an attitude problem and doesn't care what goes on in his flat so long as his demands are met. He maintains a safe distance from women ever since his wife ran off with his younger brother.

When Sam comes to know that Mac is dating three girls he becomes jealous and playing around with three girls at the same time. Sam becomes Mac's sidekick and helps him living the lie in front of the three girls. The chaos begins when the girls land up in Akshay's house. Gradually, things begin to slip out of Mac and Sam's control and the two flirts decide to leave it all to the fate. The end is predictable with the two heroes learning their lessons in a befitting way. Mac's original fiancee Anjali learns about Mac's acts, and it creates a bigger mess. At the end of the story, it's up to Mac and Sam to decide the future, as their cook Mambo leaves them too. At the end all the air hostesses go after Mac as he dropped the ring and was running to the car with his real love Pooja. This is a nice comedy which can be enjoyed with the whole family in a Sunday afternoon.

Cast and Crew of 'Garam Masala'
The star cast of the Bollywood movie 'Garam Masala' includes Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Paresh Rawal, Rimi Sen, Neha Dhupia, Neetu Chandra, Rajpal Yadav, Daisy Bopanna, and Nargis Bagheri. This is a Priyadarshan directed movie whose music is given by Pritam Chakraborty. Pony Verma does the choreography while cinematographer is Tirru. The movie is produced by Ratan Jain and Gautam Kumar.

(Last Updated on : 14/01/2009)
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Garam Masala, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Garam Masala, Indian film
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