Baghbaan, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Baghbaan, Indian film
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Baghbaan, Indian film
`Baghbaan`, the Indian film deals with the relation between grown up children and their elderly parents.
 Baghbaan, Indian film The Indian film 'Baghbaan', portrays the story of a father who feels alone in the older age. The plot for 'Baghbaan' was actually conceived around thirty years ago and Ravi Chopra had planned to have the title role enacted by Dilip Kumar. The plans fell through at that time and it is only now that he dusted off his story idea and offered the role to Amitabh Bachchan. No matter how technically polished the film is, the essence of the story and screenplay is something that seems to have jumped straight out of the era of 1980's family sagas.

'Baghbaan' is one of this years biggest Bollywood films, bringing together two legendary Bollywood stars of the last century namely Hema Malini and the legendary Amitabh Bachchan, supported by Salman Khan and Mahima Chaudhry as well.

Synopsis of the Indian movie 'Baghbaan'
The movie depicts the life story of Raj Malhotra played by Amitabh Bachchan, his wedded wife Pooja played by Hema Malini and four sons played by Aman Verma, Samir Soni, Sahil Chadda, and Nasir. Raj works in ICICI Bank and his earnings are well enough to maintain his family in a natural way. As couple Raj and Pooja are married for forty years. They have another adopted son Alok played by Salman Khan.

The story starts as Raj is on the verge of his retirement and now he wants to spend more time with his family comprising of wife, children and grand-children. Raj and Pooja spend forty years together. They are very compatible. In their whole life they tried to give their sons a comfortable life. As for example when Aman needs a loan and Raj readily offers it to him even though he is retiring. He does this because he believes that his successful sons will do anything to take care of their parents. But as a matter of fact fate has stored something else for Raj and Pooja.

Raj takes early retirement from the bank to spend some more quality time with his wife Pooja. They couple think that now it is their children's responsibility to take care of them. But unfortunately none of them are actually agreeable to do so. At the time of retirement Raj has no money and that is why his children are indecisive to take their parents. The avoid eth whole case Malhotra children decide some ridiculous thing. They say that the mother would reside with Aman, who is the eldest one. They also decide that father will stay with the second son i.e. Samir. After six months, they would shift to the third and fourth sons i.e. Sahil and Nasir respectively. The reason behind taking this decision by the children was something else. They thought that their parents would never be ready to live without one another. But as Pooja requests a lot Raj could not deny them even if he does not like the whole idea of separation with Pooja. Raj eventually agrees with the decision taken by his four sons.

Baghbaan, Indian film When they go with them in their respective houses, their children as well as maids start ill-treating them. Raj and Pooja feels exhausted and wants to get rid of this loneliness. While living with the second son, Raj used to go to a café, run by Paresh Rawal and Lilette Dubey. They used to call him 'motabhai' i.e. big brother. To kill his leisure time Raj starts looking upon the café's account and also writing a book on family values and thoughts. The limit of their tolerance breaks down when the sons forget their parent's anniversary and scheduled for their parents journey to the alternate sons. Raj and Pooja meets in a place where they met at their first anniversary. They decide that they will not go anywhere else and go to their old rented house.

They go to a hotel and take a room. The hotel people decide to give them a room for no cost as they were the first customer of the hotel. On their way they go to a car showroom where Raj goes for a test drive. But as they don't have money the broker starts scolding him. Just at that time couple's adopted child Alok played by Salman khan steps in. He was not born of them. But Alok loves Raj and Pooja like deities and more than anyone. He and his wife played by Mahima Chaudhury are very attentive and respects Raj and Pooja more than their own sons. Time goes on and one day destiny turns in favor of the couple. The book what he was writing in the café is published by a foreign publishing house and also becomes the best seller. Raj has become millionaire within a period of time.

After hearing the news the four sons realize their mistakes. They want to come back to their parents. All of them meet at the press conference arranged for Raj, the writer of the book 'Baghban'. In the conference Raj talks about the parent-child relationship and calls his son to the stage. All think that he is calling his elder son Aman but as a matter of face he was calling Alok as he thinks that he is his true son. When his four sons come to him and ask to forgive them Raj denies but he welcomes his grandchildren as well.

The Bollywood B. R. Chopra movie 'Baghban' is rich in emotional drama that is likely to reducer a viewer to tears. The movie is replete with some moving sequences like when Lilette Dubey reading Hema's letter to Amitabh as because Amitabh has broken his glasses accidentally and he did not have the money to repair it. His son thinks that this is redundant expenditure for his father while his grandson buys a new glass for Raj from his money.

Cast and Crew of the film 'Baghban'
The star cast of the Indian movie 'Baghban' includes Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Salman Khan, Mahima Choudhary, Aman Verma, Sameer Soni, Sahila Chadda, Nasir Kazi, Divya Dutta, Suman Ranganathan, Rimi Sen, Paresh Rawal, Lilette Dubey, Mohan Joshi, Sharat Saxena, Arzoo Govitrikar, Anang Desai, Master Yash Pathak, Nakul Vaid, Avtar Gill, Asrani, and Gajendra Chauhan. The film is directed by Ravi Chopra while the producer is B. R. Chopra. Music is done by two prominent music director Aadesh Srivastava and Uttam Singh. Barun Mukherjee does the cinematography while Vaibhavi Merchant is the choreographer.
Baghbaan, Indian film
Awards for 'Baghban'
The Indian movie 'Baghban' is an award-winning movie as it has won many numbers of awards. The film was nominated in different category in filmfare award in the year 2004 and the list includes best actor, best actor in a supporting role, best actress and best film. The movie won the special award in Screen weekly award as Jodi No. 1 and the award goes to Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini. Sound recorder Kuldip Sood got the best sound re-recording award in Zee Cine Award while it is also nominated in the category of best film, best newcomer, and best playback singer.

(Last Updated on : 25/03/2014)
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Baghbaan, Indian film - Informative & researched article on Baghbaan, Indian film
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