Murder, Indian Movie - Informative & researched article on Murder, Indian Movie
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Murder, Indian Movie
Murder, the Indian movie directed by Anurag Basu and written by Mahesh Bhatt is one of the remarkable films of 2004.
 Murder, Indian Movie Murder, the Indian Movie is based on the concept of extra-marital relationship. This film is written by Mahesh Bhatt starring Mallika Shrewat, Imran Hashmi and Ashmit Patel in leading roles. Inspired by a Hollywood flick 'Unfaithful', Murder has complete ingredients to suit the requirements of the cine goers who come to cinema halls for the purpose of entertainment and quality stuff only. The movie has also some resemblances with the Indian movies 'Hawas' and 'Tezaab- The Acid of Love'. The Hindi movie 'Murder' is set at the backdrop of Bangkok and Thailand.

Cast and Crew of 'Murder'
The star cast of the film include Emran Hashmi, Ashmit Patel, Mallika Sherawat, Uday Tikekar, Sheeba Chaddha, Kashmira Shah and Rajendranath Zutshi. The film is directed by Anurag Basu and Mahesh Bhatt while it is produced by Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt. The music is given by Anu Malik.

Murder, Indian Movie Synopsis of 'Murder'
The Bollywood movie 'Murder' concentrates on the extra marital affair of a wife seeking intimate satisfaction outside her marriage when her life with her husband begins to dry up.

Settled in Bangkok, Sudhir played by Ashmit Patel, his wife Simran played by Mallika Sherawat and their son Kabir live peacefully and happily in foreign land. As Sudhir goes about chasing his dream of making it big in the corporate world, his wife Simran begins to feel ignored. Her life is turning drab and passing each day is becoming a matter of killing time. And being occupied with his job for making a prosperous future for the family, Sudhir forgets that his wife needs him physically and also mentally. Simran starts feeling her loneliness badly. She also does a job to kill the time. Sudhir is actually Simran's elder sister Sonia's husband. After the death of her elder sister she was compelled to marry Sudhir to take care of Sonia's son Kabir.

A twist in the tale occurs, when one rainy day she happens to meet her ex-lover Sunny played by Imran Hashmi on a crowded road under heavy showers of rain. Both had been in love before Simran's marriage with Sudhir. This meeting leads the two to that stage where they can have pleasures but those pleasures can harm Simran's married life eventually. Together alone, Sunny and Simran are inevitably drawn towards each other. The flame of passion that had been doused a long time back suddenly ignites again and the two cannot control crossing the forbidden limits. With their adultery consummated, a block appears in Simran's feelings for her husband

Murder, Indian Movie forgetting all the consequences; the lovers' loneliness ties them in an affair. Sudhir begins to sense that something strange is happening with his wife. He hires the services of a detective who then provides Sudhir solid proofs of her wife's affair with a guy. The unfaithfulness of Simran shakes him badly. He goes straight to Sunny's home where he confronts Sunny. This meeting thus makes room for destruction in married couple's life.

The second part of the film is quite interesting as Sunny gets murdered by Sudhir and much nervous Sudhir returns to his house without revealing the fact to Simaran. In police verification it is revealed that Sudhir murdered Sunny and he remains under police custody. In the mean time Sunny who was not dead, comes to Simran and tried to blackmail her. Sudhir runs away from jail to save Simran and ultimately they save each other with the help of police as Sunny was trying to kill both of them. Lastly the film shows that marriage is a sacred institution and anyone cannot just break it.

(Last Updated on : 18/04/2014)
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Murder, Indian Movie - Informative & researched article on Murder, Indian Movie
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