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Magnetized Water
The physical and chemical properties of water and other fluids undergo changes under the influence of magnetism.
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 Magnetized WaterMagnetised Water is made by the magnetic influences to cure the patients. The significant portion of human body is made up of water. Water is most basic fluid in nature. This fluid is endowed with the most diverse qualities along with being the universal solvent. Good conduction of electricity and magnetism is amongst the most common qualities. Blood being a fluid with a major constituent of this natural fluid heavily depends upon its characteristics in order to function. The paramagnetic properties of water make it a potent fluid by imbibing the beneficial properties of a magnet, which help in therapeutics.

The physical and chemical properties of water and other fluids undergo changes under the influence of magnetism. These altered properties help in dissolving the deposited salts on the internal walls of veins and arteries, in quicker recovery of waste material in the body and their effective disposal. Similarly, Magnetized water dissolves the harmful deposits of cholesterol and calcium in the arteries and restores the normal elasticity to the blood vessels, with the result that their lumen is increased and a better flow of blood is ensured. This magnetised water is used in a number of clinics across India and Russia to help patients suffering from the painful infections to wash off the morbid salts, ureates, oxalates, etc. from their body. Similarly, it has been found useful in painful rheumatic and allied infections like gout, rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, sciatica and disorders of digestion, urinary system especially scanty and painful urination as well as retention of urine.

Magnetized water not only balances and regulates internal disorders but also in local conditions like conjunctivitis, pinkeye in children, dandruff and gingivitis. Under these conditions magnetized water is used as a local wash or for gargling. Apart from this, there are many ways for using this natural fluid.

Apart from water, other fluids like wine, liquor, beer, milk and fruit juices can also be magnetized to make them more potent and therapeutic. A number of oils can be used for application to hair or body massage. Skin eruptions can also be magnetized with advantage and can be made more useful for the above purposes. For instance, magnetized oil is highly beneficial against dandruff, chaps, fissures, corns, chilblains and dry eczema.

Research and clinical practice of physicians find that the penetration power and the healing properties of different skin ointments can be greatly enhanced by exposure to a strong magnet.

Natural Magnetized Water
Natural springs of "therapeutic" water are not only found in France, India and other countries, but are often revered as a holy cure. People from distant places flock to cure from diseases like gout, obesity and urinary troubles. The water with special properties is bottled and sold to the needy who cannot afford a trip to far-flung places. It is also sold in several restaurants in much the same way as mineral waters. In France, the therapeutic water is known as Evian Water and is believed to be magnetized water.

The natural Evian Water is believed to be useful for kidney troubles, urinary complaints, obesity, gout and arthritis. It is quite effective especially amongst children.

Preparation of Magnetized Water
There are various methods of preparation of magnetized water. These are differently adopted by different magneto therapists around the world. The preference for any method depends on personal experience in the treatment of different diseases and the degree of magnetization of the water required.

Generally bar magnets are used in USA, where the magnet is kept in constant touch with jugs filled with potable water. Magnets of about 1000 gauss power are used for 24 hours or more. This 'polarized water' is considered to be of superior quality and is used for therapeutic purposes.

Russians adopt a unique way of magnetizing water, in which the water is allowed to pass through a tap or a container in drops and not in a continuous stream. A horseshoe magnet is suspended at a height and water drops are allowed to pass through the two ends of the magnet. The water is believed to be magnetized as it passes through its way. The treatment through magnet is practised in India and also the abroad.

Magnetized water is of three types:
* North-pole water
* South-pole water
* Mixed Water

Magnetized Water Each type of water has different therapeutic uses. North-pole water is prepared with treatment of the north pole of the magnet, the south-pole water is treated by the south pole and the mixed water is obtained by mixing the north- and south-pole water. To achieve the appropriate polarity in magnetization, a magnet with distinct poles is desirable. The special healing magnets of about 2000 gauss power are suitable for the purpose. Cylindrical magnets can easily accommodate a jug or a glass tumbler. The water to be magnetized should preferably be boiled and cooled before filling in the containers.

Once one has all the necessary accessories, proceed as follows to generate magnetized Water:
* Clean the glass bottles / glass tumblers / glass jugs and their corks with boiling water.
* Fill in the potable water.
* Properly cover the tumbler or jug and cork the bottles.
* Keep these separately over the North and South Pole magnets.
* The magnetic emanations should penetrate the water for about 12 hours.
(It is not advisable to let the magnets come in direct contact with water as it can corrode the metallic -magnets as well as pollute the water.)
* Remove the containers after 12 hours
* Label these as the North Pole or South Pole water.

The magnetized water is now ready for therapeutic uses.
For obtaining the mixed water, water of both the containers should be mixed in equal proportions.

For distinct use of the north and South Pole water for specific purposes, separate containers should be maintained. The shelf life of magnetized water is about 5 to 6 days under ordinary room temperature and about 10 to 15 days under refrigerated conditions.

North-Pole Water
North-pole water in magnetic therapy is "Growth inhibitor". Hence it is widely used in examining viral and bacterial infections in diseases such as typhoid, measles, chicken pox, influenza, dengue fever, urinary infection and toxemia.

North Pole water, as per magnetic therapy, not only has curative action in these diseases but also an effective preventive action and hence it is useful in epidemics which plague mankind from time to time. On the occurrence of the symptoms, the in-take of the north-pole water should be started immediately -thrice a day in 50-ml doses. In the case where any of the infectious diseases strike the family or the neighborhood, the north-pole -water should be taken as a preventive-four times a day in 50-ml doses.

North-pole water, as per magnetic therapy, should also be used as a mouthwash in case of bad odours from the mouth and ulcers in the mucosa. It can also be used for:
* Gargling in cases of pyorrhea in which an enormous amount of pus is accumulated in the gums
* Gingivitis inflammation of the gingival.
* Sore throatand tonsillitis.

In all the above-mentioned cases, it is advantageous to use warm water and add a little quantity of table salt. The regular use of this water for gargling prevents the painful infections along with preventing tooth-decay.

Plain north-pole water should also be used as eye drops or washing the eyes during infections. Eye infection symptoms can be detected with redness of the conjunctiva, pus formation and gluing of the eyes. In such cases, it is advisable to use boiled and cooled water for magnetization with the North Pole.

If one is under treatment of any other system of medicine such as allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda and unani, the medication can be easily supplemented by the intake of magnetized water, which will only hasten recovery. The magnetization treatment will not obstruct the normal action of the medicine.

Recurrent attacks of worm infection in children make north-pole water as an important part of medication. Children prone to this infection results in stunted growth. To avoid this North Pole water should be given regularly, especially after the day's two principal meals.

South-Pole Water
South pole encourages all forms of growth and consists of a warm energy. South water can be utilized in all diseases attended with a sluggish function of various organs such as the digestive system. For such cases, South-pole water, as per magnetic therapy, tones the internal muscles and improves peristalsis. South Pole water slowly, but surely corrects the root cause of the trouble in case of:
* Constipation.
* Scanty and painful urination
* Slow pulse
* Lack of vital heat
* Dullness of mind
* Low blood pressure

Old people who feel weak and chilly, can take advantage of this type of water as the best possible vitalising elements which not only brings warmth and a comfortable feeling but also improves the circulation and digestive powers by stimulating the secretion of various enzymatic fluids and more efficient assimilation of various nutrients.

Mixed Water:
There exist cases in which no specific definition or diagnosis of trouble exists. Mixed water is useful in non-defined complaints or in those cases where a physician is at a loss clearly to diagnose and understand the malady such as certain types of abdominal pain, headache, nerve pain, loss of appetite and muscular atrophy.

This water is also naturally prescribed in case of:
* Cervical spondylitis
* Rheumatoid arthritis
* Sciatica
* Gout

Healthy people who intake magnetized water regularly to improve their stamina and feel fatigued after the days work; can take mixed water once or twice daily. The regular use of mixed water by any healthy person keeps him or her in good health, improves his or her working capacity, wards off occasional aches and pains and makes a person feel younger.

Therapeutic Effects of Magnetized Water:
North-pole water, South-pole water and mixed water provide distinct benefits, and are hence employed accordingly for disease cure. The basic characteristics of the whole magnet are the two poles. These characteristics help you in deciding on the specific application of any one of the above types, in disease and in health.

The North Pole retards and arrests the growth and activity of bacteria, fungus, virus and tumours. As a matter of fact, it inhibits growth of all forms of life and accordingly, can be suitably employed in all infections and outgrowths. In other words, North Pole can be called an antibiotic. North Pole magnetization also imparts cold energy. Therefore, it should not be used where an organism needs warmth and energy.

South Pole, on the contrary, is warm in nature and provides warmth and energy to any part of the whole organism. It is useful where an organism lacks vital energy and heat. South Pole also encourages growth and activity of bacteria and virus. In short, it encourages all forms of life and hence should not be used where any type of infection is suspected.

Both poles are used simultaneously for the general application of magnets, and also in healthy persons who apply magnets for improving their stamina. But the fact stands strong that the above-mentioned specific qualities should be weighed before using the magnets, magnetized water and any other magnetized substances.

(Last Updated on : 12/12/2012)
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Magnetized Water - Informative & researched article on Magnetized Water
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